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Bowling For Soup
Manchester, Club Academy
28th March 2012

Bowling For Soup              


A Bowling For Soup Acoustic show in your mind sounds like one of the most fun things imaginable ripe with opportunity for witty banter and crowd interaction amidst some songs from a catalogue that spans eleven records and many more years. The thought though runs, screaming “For shame,” at the actuality, which is two guys who can’t play very well, can’t sing very well, and aren’t actually very funny sitting on a small stage for two hours reeling off the same old lines as if from a checklist entitled, “Why they loved us in the year 2000.”

Supporting this evening is Erik Chandler and People On Vacation, so basically it’s the two guys who do the Bowling For Soup acoustic show playing songs not by Bowling For Soup, if you like the guys you’ll like the show, but it’s hit and miss and the babble of the crowd is always bubbling over in the background. Then again that doesn’t change all night, kids eh?

The crowd though are a mixed bag and seemingly the band is more of a family outing than you might expect as young couples and their parents stand side by side with undeserving smiles threatening to be overtly polite in your direction at any moment. There’s even an OAP failing to disguise himself as a massive fan by singing every word to every song from ‘Ohio (Come back to Texas)’ to set closer ‘1985’. Still if you’re as judgemental as us then it’s easy to split the room into two categories, there are those who have yet to go through puberty and those who long ago rejected the concept of it; it’s like Neverland down in the club academy tonight.

If you weren’t paying attention earlier then you will have missed the shocking statistic that the boys have eleven albums under their belt so of course they play all the songs you’ve heard before and want to hear again from the Jimmy Neutron theme tune to ‘Emily’ and of course, of course ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want.’ After a while though all the songs merge into one as Jared’s unusually shrill voice continues to go through the motions, Erik pops up in the background providing some nice deep harmonies every once in a while, but it’s not good enough compensation. While some fans are sat down seemingly ignoring the band and talking over them there are others shouting to them, requesting songs, laughing and clapping in all the right places and for them this intimate situation appears to be idyllic. Still there’s no escaping the fact that Bowling For Soup have finally become the joke and in between cranking out dick gags and shouting, “your mom,” it seems as if they know it too.

Bowling For Soup on an acoustic tour reads like a great idea, but without that electric energy they’re not as good, as funny, or as interesting as you thought they were when you first heard them.

Bowling For Soup 2/5

Review By Lauren Mullineaux

 Bowling For Soup

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