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Mojo Fury, Lostalone
Bristol, Fleece
29th February 2012

InMe                       Mojo Fury                Lost Alone


As I returned to The Fleece in Bristol I remember why I love this venue so much, there's always such a mix of people coming together to celebrate their love of a certain music in this old characteristic building, the beer gets flowing and the music starts with Mojo Fury. These guys were absolutely brilliant from the word Go. They were just fucking cool, they sounded like a different band from one song to another, to compare them to even big names like QOTSA, NIN, and Biffy Clyro would be accurate. These guys were new and refreshing, a real slap in the face from the new mundane crap that seems to dominate the scene at present. If I had to fault them on one thing it would be their drummer, he just didn't quite seem up to scratch, but I'm sure with a few more tours and recordings under their belt they could go a hell of a long way.

LostAlone were offensive to my ears. It was unnecessary noise, screamy, and without reason it seemed. Maybe it was just me, but there was just nothing within them that made me want to listen to them for any longer than I had to. Maybe that's just me getting old, I'm fully aware I'm no longer a 16 year old (which upsets me greatly), but I really did not have time for this. There was no real soul to them, no real stage presence, and no real interest from me I'm afraid.

InMe finally graced the stage with their presence and I remembered why I've always loved them so much. It seemed they were back with a vengeance, and they were going to give this all they've got. Every single member put their all into performing for their audience, they were heavier, louder, and more in your face than I had ever seen them before either.

InMe rolled through a complete mix of all their albums, old and new alike, and chose to play some from their very first album, which to be honest I don't think many were expecting. 'Natural' came as a surprise, having been one of the lesser known tracks from Overgrown Eden it was refreshing to hear it being played in a different light. Frontman Dave McPherson really interacted with the crowd and it was clear he was very aware of assuring everyone was having a good time and enjoying the show.

Overall they played an awesome show, and certainly made me one very happy customer! With any luck things will only get bigger and better for InMe, they sure as hell have worked hard enough for it.

Lostalone – 1/5
Mojo Fury – 4/5
InMe– 4/5

Review By Karlie M


Dave McPherson
Greg McPherson
Simon Taylor
Gazz Marlow

 Mojo Fury

Michael Mormecha
James Lyttle
Ciaran McGreevy


Steven Battelle
Mark Gibson
Alan Williamson

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