Gig Review

Noah And The Whale
Lucy Rose
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
29th March 2012

Noah And The Whale        Lucy Rose


Photo Of Lucy Rose © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe main and only support tonight is Lucy Rose, she's an acoustic act with a backing hand, she has a really good voice, it’s a bit soft and rounded which is nice for the ears. Not the most exciting act/band to watch really, their mostly stationary with a flurry of movement from Lucy when the moment takes albeit while seated. The band just softly fill in the gaps of the songs that the acoustic guitar leaves open. They seem to be well received by a fair few In the crowd, which is nice to see, I feel that 40 minutes of this music, is a bit much , not bad but does get a bit boring towards the end as there's not much to watch but to just sot listen to.

Photo Of Noah And The Whale © Copyright Robert LawrenceNoah and the whale are a band that I haven't listened to before so tonight was quite interesting for me. They come on and open with Life is life, not an electrifying start but it does get better with the likes of Just me before we met and give it all back. What's surprising is that for the second song, some of the band change instruments, so quite clearly a bunch of multi talented musicians which is good to see, giving a variety of songs different sound for each while keeping the overall band sound familiar. There sound is laid back at times while at others quite up best and very lively,'mixing things up keeps it a lively affair. The pace for me could be a bit more lively but I am enjoyed what I saw. The mid set consists of such songs like, blue skies, shape of my heart, old joy, give a little love. All very good songs taking the pace up and down, with not too much spoken in between as their normally switching up instruments.

Photo Of Noah And The Whale © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey have some really good guitar licks, most of the songs contain some catchy elements, I really enjoyed the violin parts of the songs as it’s just not something you hear very often, so it's a joy to listen to. I feel that with this band there no real main instrument with one that overpowers another; everything has its place and works well. Naturally the crowd love every laid back minute of the gig, it's mostly packed out too, the band giving the crowd a feast for the eyes and ears with the many sounds and the visual projection on the screen behind the band.

One real annoying thing is being able to hear all the conversations taking place in the venue, people have paid good money to see and band only to talk over them, what's the point.

The band close out their set with the likes of Heart cover Barracuda, Jocasta, the superb waiting for my chance to come and the excellent L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. After a short break and too much cheering, the band close out the night with the First days of spring. It's been a rather good night with a superb tight if seemingly laid back band.

Lucy Rose 3/5
Noah And The Whale 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Noah And The Whale


 Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

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