Gig Review

Revoker, Neosis
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
17th March 2012

Chimaira                     Revoker                Neosis


Neosis take all the theatrical and dramatic elements of putting on a show and completely abandon them in favour of continuous playing. Not even any distinctive sign that they’re even about to play like a drop of lights or an introduction, they just start playing straight after soundcheck rendering crowd members both startled and confused. Initially musically I was intrigued as I’d heard great things about then and their thick progressive style is right up my ally, after 3 or 4 songs though I found myself quite bored of it and I thing that’s because as I said, they abandoned all the entertaining element of putting on an interesting gig. Barely audible and minimal crowd interaction, everyone on stage is pretty stationary, as people start leaving the room to pursue drinking and other means of self entertainment the band only has themselves to blame as they put no effort into capturing the attention of their peers.

Revoker are the band that start it all up, previous acts failed to entertain or light the fire needed as preparation for what’s to come next. Not Revoker though, they’ve dragged their asses here from Wales with their entourage of chunky riffs and aggressive tempos with the sole purpose of provoking the complete annihilation of this little venue. This is a show the way it is mean to be performed; capturing the attention of your audience through interaction and participation; it also helps when you play music that has catchy lyrics followed by extremely thick deep breakdowns allowing sing alongs and broken bones. Proper introduction and showmanship alongside some of their best tracks like “Thief”, “Psychoville” and “Stay Down”, Revoker manage to leave a trail of sweat, blood and bruises in their wake but most importantly everyone is good and ready for tonight’s headliners Chimaira.

Chimaira strode out like predators ready to take us all by the throat. Being veterans in the metal community for the past 14 years even though every member apart from vocalist Mark Hunter has changed more than once the band are still going strong. Considering the amount of times the band has had to unfortunately let us UK fans down people are still turning up in force to witness the show, after everything it shows just how well they play to have everyone stick around this long waiting. Every nights set list varies from night to night but tonight we got some real gems from their 6 album discography latest of which being “The Age of Hell” from which we got the likes of “Born in Blood” and “Year of the Snake”. Whilst sometimes I don’t understand his reference points I respect Mark Hunter’s valiant effort at relating to his audience as it pays off, with not even an aggressive tone he manages to raise hell with bodies flying all over the place especially during “Pure Hatred” and “Power Trip”. After closing with “Resurrection” the band leaves the stage with no encore, even so it’s not only me that leaves pleased with that I think everyone in attendance will remember that for a while, don’t forget about us this time though lads eh?

Neosis – 2/5
Revoker – 4/5
Chimaira – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb


Mark Hunter
Emil Werstler
Matt Szlachta
Jeremy Creamer
Austin D'amond
Sean Z


Jamie Mathias
Chris Green
Shane Phillips
Jack Pritchard



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