Gig Review

Heaven Shall Burn
Malefice, Cytota
Reading, Sub 89
18th March 2012

Heaven Shall Burn          Malefice                      Cytota


This show was originally meant to be another date on Rise to Remain’s latest headline tour, for unforseen circumstances both Adept and Rise to Remain have pulled out leaving the remaining acts with considerably longer sets. Not only that but now German metal act Heaven Shall Burn are now tonights headliners which is a rare sight in the UK.
Cytota weren’t given the best review on the last review but tonight proves that my nerve theory was correct all along as they’ve let themselves go tonight and the atmosphere is much less tense. Much more crowd interaction even though there are much less people at tonights show, the quality of what the vocalist was saying however was hardy original or Oscar winning just usual cliche thank you speeches. The music I’ve noticed is much tighter also but I still stand by everything I said last time, they’ll all make it but this won’t be the band they do it in.

Malefice get a second chance after the technical difficulties they experienced in Birmingham in no less than their home town tonight! Straight from the word go its clear there are no problems and the band are taking it by the balls regardless of the turnout. Having said that the few that turned up are giving it their all firing off some brutal pits and raising help for their hometown legends. They give their usual set with some extra’s thrown in, the best of which definitely being “Delerium”, “The Haunting” and “Awaken the Tides” alongside some decent interaction with their audience before departing leaving sweat and blood in their wake.

Heaven Shall Burn absolutely destroyed it, even though few came and many left after Malefice the ones that are left standing by this point still have a lot of go in them. They know hardly anyone’s stuck around but they still give it everything they have whilst managing to have a bit of a laugh about the whole thing, both guitarists and the vocalist crawl and bounce all over the front row passing the Mic out for people to sing. For me “Omen”, “Endzeit”, “Black Tears” and “Combat” were the biggest highlights and I’ve never experienced such a small mosh pit be so energetic. The band fills their 1 hour 10 minute headline set and even get an encore at the end as nobody wants to leave after that; it was a gig for the ages that I shan’t soon forget, get back over here asap!

Cytota – 3.5/5
Malefice – 4.5/5
Heaven Shall Burn – 5/5

Review By James Webb

 Heaven Shall Burn

Maik Weichert
Alexander Dietz
Marcus Bischoff
Eric Bischoff
Matthias Voigt


Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Andrew Wilson
Tom Hynes
Chris Allan-Whyte


Joby Fitzgerald
Youssef Ashraf
Ryan Hamilton
Oliver Pike
Harry Jennings

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