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Zico Chain
To The Bones, Isolated Atoms
Birmingham, Flapper
13th March 2012

Zico Chain            To The Bones          Isolated Atoms


Isolated Atoms were a bit different compared to what I was expecting at a Zico Chain concert, more soft pop rock as opposed to grungy heavy rock/metal like the following 2 acts. Not the liveliest of acts or invigorating but I don’t mind the lighter tone and more relaxed mood that they bring to the table. If it weren’t for the lack of energy or the singers constant mumbling between songs this review might have favoured them a bit more than it does, come on its a tiny venue and people still can’t hear what you’re saying, I can hear the couple next to me talking and they don’t have a microphone! The drummer and guitarists get into it a bit more but I think the sight of very few attendants has knocked there playing a bit.

To The Bones are next and their set is much more aggressive and energetic but the music is less than exhilarating to be honest, I cannot for the life of me get onboard with it most of the time although there are sections that are quite interesting. There are more people in the room now but not a huge increase who majority of which seem to be enjoying themselves, I can see why their live set compared to the previous is much more interesting but nothing entirely special. They might get there one day they seem to have the confidence but the musical style was a bit too chaotic for me to get into.

Zico Chain are more up my alley, a lot more aggressive asserting their dominance as the headlining act of the night. The set contains a mixture of songs from their past EP’s and studio album “Food” with a couple thrown in from their upcoming second album “The Devil in Your Heart”, this gives us a great variation from singing along to the songs we love and having our keen interest prodded by hearing some newer stuff ready for the album’s release in mid April. Not leaving behind a decent amount of material from their past record “Food” for the hardcore Zico fans in the room. No member stands in the middle taking the spotlight drawing more focus to every member as the rock it all out, if they keep the momentum going and recapture the hearts of the nation the show may have been heavier in attendance and in a better venue but for where it was and for the amount of people that did show up it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Isolated Atoms – 2.5/5
To The Bones – 3.5/5
Zico Chain – 4/5

Review By James Webb

 Zico Chain

Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton

 To The Bones


 Isolated Atoms


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