Gig Review

Enter Shikari
Young Guns, Tek One
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
20th March 2012

Enter Shikari              Young Guns            Tek One


Photo Of Tek One © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are tek one, they are a 3 piece with a MC, DJ and a live drummer, the bass is unbelievable, as it's rattling the windows outside of the venue, as they play remixes of metal songs, with the MC offering words of encouragement to get the crowd in a frenzy, with the drummer being drowned out at times by the bass. It's an interesting mix with the live drummer element, not all that interesting to watch but wildly entertains if you’re a member of the crowd.

Photo Of Young Guns © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain support are rockers Young Guns, at first I wasn't too sure if they were any good but surprisingly they are a very lively band, and they play some rather catchy tunes, such as set openers elements, bones, DOA. They got some good guitar riffs, the last song way of the world is my high light of set, and it’s probably the best song of the set, with lots of singing from the crowd. There an entertaining band to watch, all bouncing around the stage with buckets of energy, which also gets the crowd going along with the music other sofa that featured are towers, stitches, daughters of the sea which made for fast paced set. Overall a highly entertaining band of your into alt rock.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceNow playing on an even bigger stage, Enter Shikari are a band that are slowly but surely on the rise, another year or two and they could be hitting arenas as headliners. They open their set with a blast, system which is followed by meltdown, and from the heat coming from the ravenous crowd, it could well happen. The light show they have on this tour is superb, easily beating the last tour, there was even warnings handed out about it as the crowd streamed into the venue. Next up is the feast/jester and then into the excellent Gandhi mate Gandhi, in which Rou climbs a speaker stack and bests on one a little. The middle of the set consists of songs such as hello tyrannosaurus, havoc B Destabilize, motherstep/ship, search party, stalemate.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceI'm pretty sure they did a remix of stay young by oasis, or at least sampled the chorus.

From start to finish the band show boundless levels of energy, they do slow down when they break out the acoustic guitars but soon pick it again, I can't Imagine how they manage to do it night after night! Arguing with thermometers is by far my favourite track of the night which is followed by stand your ground and Enter Shikari which closes out the main set.

They come back on with return to energizer which is one of the set highlights, which is followed by the excellent ssssssnakepit, a superb and obvious choice to close out the night. When you hear this band on CD and live there very different experiences, live it’s just so much more vivid and alive than any CD could offer. A great live band they are. 5/5

Tek One 3/5
Young Guns 4/5
Enter Shikari 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Enter Shikari


 Young Guns

Gustav Wood
John Taylor
Fraser Taylor
Simon Mitchell
Ben Jolliffe

 Tek One

Tonn Piper

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