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Black Stone Cherry
Bristol, Academy
26th March 2012

Black Stone Cherry


Photo Of Black Stone Cherry © Copyright TriggerKentucky Rockers Black Stone Cherry are currently in the UK on their biggest headline tour to date which sees them play sold out shows at 14 cities and venues across the UK and I headed down to Bristol Academy and witnessed one hell of sweaty cramped yet amazing rock and roll show.

Black Stone cherry took to the stage dead on 9pm and from the moment they took to the stage the Academy erupted with pure energy the crowd was going mad moshing and singing-a-long word for word to pretty much every song whilst the band spent the best part of one and a half hours playing pure rock and roll with a few acoustic covers thrown in for good measures.

Ben Wells and Jon Lawhon spent the majority of the set running back and forth across the stage whilst rocking out with big arse guitar riffs and bass lines, Ben Wells happened to be the most energetic out of the two doing jumps and kicks at pretty much every opportunity he had, John Fred Young spent more time standing up bashing his drums than he did sitting down and he truly showed his skills tonight and by the end of his jaw dropping drum solo I was left feeling a little sorry for his kit as he proper hit it hard and constant whilst delivering beautiful sounds to our ears. Singer Chris Robinson spent a lot of time talking Photo Of Black Stone Cherry © Copyright Triggerto the crowd about various different things but the most amazing speech he made was when he announced to the crowd that he found out the day before that he is going to be a dad this was met with loud screams as the acoustic guitars opened ‘Things My Father Said’ which the crowd went on and sung the song word for word for Chris who looked totally amazed that he didn’t have to lay down any vocals at all.

There were some proper amazing songs featured throughout the set such as ‘Change’, ‘Blind man’, ‘In My Blood’ but it was songs such as ‘White Trash Millionaire’ and ‘Blame It On The Boom-Boom’ which got the crowd moving the most tonight.

Photo Of Black Stone Cherry © Copyright TriggerAfter tonight’s performance it is safe to say that Black Stone Cherry are one step closer to being one of the best straight up rock and roll bands in the world, give them a few years and they will easily be headlining the second stage at Download or Sonisphere festival, tonight’s show was amazing in every way and I for one could not keep my eyes off the band especially John Fred Young as he simply puts so many drummers to shame.


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 Black Stone Cherry

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