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The Answer
The Union
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
10th March 2012

The Answer         The Union


The Union gave a truly old school rock and roll performance, really mixing up their set to have an even balance between sleazy heavier songs and serenading us with beautiful little gems. They got a great reaction from the audience almost half of the crowd knew all the words and we’re singing along, whilst the songs were quite simply fantastic I couldn’t help but feel that some parts of the set were quite repetitive and slightly outdated but you don’t mind because it’s a dying art. Dealt a 50 minute set with the job of warming the room up for their younger successors The Answer they match up to it with their many extra years of experience, their groovy riffs get the room dancing, the heavy beat gets people clapping and headbanging and the sheer volume of the sing alongs are out of this world considering they aren’t headlining. I would definitely come back to see a headline set from these smartly dressed gentlemen.

The Answer have been on the roll of their careers in the past 12 months getting the chance to support AC/DC on their Black Ice tour, the confidence and drive taken away is not only shown in their latest album “Revival” but also in the way in which they handle themselves on stage. Tonight’s set is definitely a showcase for the new album as the amount of tracks included from the previous 2 albums is very minimal, stepping out to “New Day Rising” following up with one of my personal favourites from their debut album, “Under The Sky”. People are getting into it; heads were banging, words were sung and feet were stamped. Lead vocalist Cormac Neeson’s vocals are just as heavenly live as they are on record, “Nowhere Freeway” certainly proved that as the reception it received was unmatched by the rest of the set, beautiful little number around half way through. It is a rock show after all so that leaves no surprise when after 2 far gone there’s a lengthy display of talent in the form of a guitar solo, then again the talent never really stopped with these Irish beasts. Finishing off with an encore of my favourite track from the new album “Waste Your Tears” the band leaves the stage with the venue feeling satisfied and definitely up for seeing them again, if the next six years have anything in store for the lads like the last 6 have then they’re in for a wild ride!

The Union – 4/5
The Answer – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 The Answer

Cormac Neeson
Paul Mahon
Michael Waters
James Heatley

 The Union

Pete Shoulder
Luke Morley

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