Gig Review

Kill Hannah
Dear Superstar, In Elegance
Birmingham, Institute
9th March 2012

Kill Hannah          Dear Superstar      In Elegance


In Elegance were met by a very irritable crowd, when doors open at 7 with the band scheduled to be on at 7:30 and they don’t hit the stage till 7:50, 50 minutes of waiting will do that to people. Never the less the audience appear to get over it pretty quickly but still aren’t very responsive to the band. I couldn’t help but laugh at this one guy, half way through the bands set the bassist (whose fault it was they were late in the first place) took a photo of the vocalist on the barrier with the crowd and made some comment like “You all look terrible” or something and some random guy just shouted “Mate the same could be said for you”, got to love some heckling. Apart from that the band play amicably but nothing extraordinary these days you’ve got to really put your heart into it if you want to impress anybody.

Dear Superstar hit the stage commanding respect and fighting for a reaction, no holds barred giving it their all. It pays off to some degree but not at first, that’s where Dear Superstar have always succeeded; there could be 5 people there could be 5,000 people but they’d all be into it by the end. I will admit I was a little disappointed with the lack of tracks from “Heartless” which is my favourite release from the band but you have to forgive them as they need to push “Damned Religion” as much as they possibly can. The sound system in the HMV institute again messes about as sometimes certain things lost sound and others gain volume when they shouldn’t but it’s not too bad. Vocalist Mickey never gives up trying to get the crowd involved with the band and by the end has the vast majority in the palm of his hand, final track “Glitter Just Like Gold” had power unmatched by the rest of the set, vocals were perfect and everyone was getting involved and having a great time, very successful set all in all.

Kill Hannah must have been a little bit disappointed that the show got quite the downgrade from The Library to The Temple which is a much smaller room, and even that wasn’t anywhere near full either. If it had fazed them you’d never have been able to tell at all, charismatic front man Mat Devine was definitely the driving force behind the whole operation, the strange thing being that it was in a very mellow way. Normally at rock shows front men need to be commanding and aggressive, but Devine speaks in calming tones rarely demanding anything but receiving it anyway, it’s a very strange sight to be honest but a good one none the less. Apart from Devine providing the entertainment the other members seem pretty stationary and inactive, by which I mean they don’t really seem like they’re as into it as everyone else is, like their heart isn’t really in it. For me a show isn’t all about music because that’s what CD’s are for and if it wasn’t for Devine there wouldn’t really be much showmanship on display, something to think about when returning.

In Elegance – 3/5
Dear Superstar – 4/5
Kill Hannah – 3.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Kill Hannah

Mat Devine
Dan Wiese
Greg Corner
Elias Mallin
Michael Maddox

 Dear Superstar

Micky Satiar
Adam Smethurst
Benj Ashmead
Stew Milton
Ben Grimsley

 In Elegance

Taryn Walker
Shea Braniff
Ryan McCormack
Chris Weir
Ariff Kabir

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