Gig Review

The Maccabees
La Shark
Wolverhampton Civic Hall
18th March 2012

The Maccabees           La Shark     


Photo Of La Shark © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe only support tonight are La Shark, and I'm not really sure what to make of them, they look like they fell out of the late 80s or early 90s super baggy clothes, or something that can be dated to 1986, although the Wayne's world cap worn by the singer was a nice touch, easy to listen to if a bit disjointed and didn't really seem to go anywhere but they were highly entertaining and funny or funny looking anyway, as they played though their pop/electro pop set of songs.

Photo Of The Maccabees © Copyright Robert LawrenceThere not your everyday band and possibly an acquired taste, I don't think they won over the crowd if I'm honest as I'm guessing they didn't know what to make of them, they got the standard courtesy of a clap after each song but I don't think they reached all that far into the crowd.

Maccabees are the headliners at the civic hall tonight, and they've bought a fair few fans with them, their set opened with Child, it's a rather mellow opening to be fair but I feel that the set didn't really kick off till mid way through feel to follow, then the momentum was carried on with wall of arms, and the likes of no kind words, glimmer. I wasn't expecting to see a giant disco ball above their stage nor an extravagant light show but they were making life difficult at times for me to photograph them but it looked fantastic and set against the music, they worked well with each other.

Photo Of The Maccabees © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey continued on with a few words between songs such as went away, William powers, first love, X-ray, I'm not normally into these types of indie rock bands but their a pretty decent tight band, and it's good to see that their lively at times when the music suits. The set is nicely paced with many songs to get the crowd going with lots of singing and even some crowd surfing, not what I was expecting to see if I'm honest. They closed out the main set with pelican and love you forever. After a quick break they come back with Ayla, and the excellent songs Lego and precious time and encore and night closer grew up at midnight. Overall a really good set from the Maccabees, in which they were easily able to outshine their support act.

La Shark 2/5
The Maccabees 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Maccabees

Orlando Weeks
Hugo White
Felix White
Rupert Jarvis
Sam Doyle

 La Shark

Samuel Geronimo Deschamps
N.H.A. Buxton
Love Maynard
Benjamin Francis Markham
Sami El Enany
Jacob Teilmann Smedegaard Andreasen

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