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Presidents Of United States Of America
Straight Lines
Bristol, Academy
8th March 2012

Presidents Of United States Of America      Straight Lines


Photo Of Straight Lines © Copyright TriggerStraight Lines were the one and only support for The Presidents Of United States Of America tonight and from the start I felt very sorry for them as they played to a maximum of 200 people and there were only a couple of people actually getting into it jumping around and bopping along and this seemed to of played on the mind of Straight Lines a bit as throughout their 30minute set there was a massive lack of drive and atmosphere. The band did play a number of great songs such as ‘Set Me On Fire’, ‘Say It For your Sake’, ‘Ring The Bells’ and their latest single ‘Half Gone’ but sadly it was only appreciated by a handful of people, Tom Jenkins did spent a bit of time interacting with the crowd telling them that they had merch for sale but I would be majorly surprised if they sold much tonight, despite tonight not being Straight Lines night I still Photo Of Straight Lines © Copyright Triggerthink they are a band worth keeping an eye on over the next couple of months as they are due to release their new album ‘Freaks Like Us’ in April which I have high hopes for and I am sure that if they were playing to a room of their own fans tonight it would of been a whole different experience.

The last time Presidents Of United States Of America toured the UK was back in 2008 and I happened to see them here in Bristol Academy on that tour and thought the band were one of the most randomly energetic bands I had ever seen so tonight I had high expectations especially considering that they were playing their debut album all the way through.

The wait between Straight Lines and the Presidents Of United States Of America felt like forever but as soon as the lights dimmed and an announcement shouted “put your hands together for the Presidents Of United States Of America’, the now filled up Photo Of Presidents Of United States Of America © Copyright TriggerAcademy was buzzing with excitement, the band walked onto the stage and Chris spoke to the crowd briefly saying “Sorry it has taken us so long to come back but it is great to be back in Bristol and for the opening night of the tour”, the band then blasted straight into ‘Rot In The Sun’ which was played with so much energy with Chris jumping across the stage like a teenager every time he moved away from his microphone.

The first 5 songs that the Presidents played were classics but not from their debut album however they were still crowd pleasers with everyone going crazy singing-a-long to the likes of ‘Ladybug and ‘Mach 5’ but after a quick random rendition of ‘Jeff Johns Song’ Chris spoke to the crowd again saying “I bet you feel a bit short changed as we have yet played anything from our debut, how about we start now and play it from start to finish”, this was met with massive cheers as the band launched into ‘Kitty’.

Photo Of Presidents Of United States Of America © Copyright TriggerThe playing of their debut album breezed past with each and every song getting a big reaction but it was ‘Peaches’ and ‘Back Porch’ which really got the crowd moving tonight with everyone in the mosh pit jumping up and down in time chanting the random lyrics back to the Presidents.

After playing the debut in its entirety the Presidents played three more tracks with ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ being the climax before the encore, the Presidents then came back on to play ‘Ghosts Are Everywhere’, ‘Nuthin Bu Luv’ and set closer ‘More Bad Times’.

It is not often that you watch a high profile band headline with no stage show at all but the Presidents played with a basic set up and a basic lighting show but still had the crowd in Photo Of Presidents Of United States Of America © Copyright Triggerthe palm of their hand from start to finish and their fast paced stage antics and classic songs was enough to keep everyone smiling and a few basic tricks such as playing in darkness and encouraging the crowd to go back to the feel of the 70’s with lighters in the air to light up the venue and also Chris and Andrew swapping instruments.

It is safe to say that every Presidents Of The United States Of America show is going to be a blast and tonight they proved despite having no new material that they are still relevant can still sell out venues and can put a smile on thousands of peoples faces at a time.

Straight Lines – 3/5
Presidents Of United States Of America – 5/5

Review By Trigger

 President Of USA

Chris Ballew
Jason Finn
Andrew McKeag

 Straight Lines

Thomas Jenkins
Dane Campbell
James Pugh
Todd Campbell

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