Gig Review

Protest The Hero
Long Distance Calling, Blood Command
Birmingham, Academy 2
3rd March 2012

Protest The Hero      Long Distance Calling        Blood Command


Blood Command to me were half an hour of head trauma, I don’t know how anybody could stand those lead female vocals, I was left with a severe migraine. They were very high pitched and I feel that this wasn’t aided by the fact the 2 guitarists weren’t harmonising very well, they were meant to harmonise group vocals but it just sounded out of tune. This opinion wasn’t shared with my friend also in attendance who openly stated he really liked the band but whom I also caught at times cringing just as I was. I could see though what direction they were striving for with their sound, if their production was adequate then their CD’s I imagine may actually be very enjoyable, but that performance was just not enough to win me over.

Long Distance Calling had me in 2 minds, Instrumental music on CD does interest me when I’m at home but I never really expect instrumental acts to really produce much of an energetic life set (and in my experience they usually haven’t) not having vocals takes away that sing along aspect of the show as well as the energy from having a distinctive front man focussing solely on entertaining the audience but here both guitarists and the bassist seem to take it in turns after every song to address the crowd and get them pumped, this is what kept the set from being boring. I felt myself enjoying the music just as I would at home on CD whilst having my interest kept solely on the stage which I’ve never had during an instrumental set before, would definitely consider seeing these guys again should they return to our shores.

Protest The Hero just killed it. Not only do they unleash hell but lead vocalist Rody Walker has a knack for comedy; by which I mean every few songs or so whilst the rest of the band are tuning, refreshing themselves or various other things he takes the spotlight poking fun at anything and everything including himself, main topics including ginger kids, how he himself isn’t tough neither is the guy in the front row, addressing the bloody noses in the pit, praising how he’s allowed to use the word “faggot” in our country without being condemned and a range of other topics. After all the back and forth with the audience they still managed to get through a 12 song set list consisting of their finest songs; “Sex Tapes”, “Bloodmeat”, “Tounge-Splitter”, “Turn Soonest to the Sea”, “Hair Trigger” and closing with “C’est la Vie”. Strange thing is that they didn’t play an encore which was a bit awkward when people were waiting around for ages after the show but after a great set like that you couldn’t really ask for more from the band. Thoroughly impressed.

Blood Command – 2/5
Long Distance Calling – 4/5
Protest the Hero – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Protest The Hero

Rody Walker
Tim Millar
Moe Carlson
Luke Hoskin
Arif Mirabdolbaghi

 Long Distance Calling


 Blood Command

Silje Tombre
Sigurd Haakaas
Yngve Andersen
Sjalg Otto Unnison
Simon Oliver Økland

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