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Theory Of A Deadman
The Crave, Octane Ok
Birmingham, HMV Institute
27th February 2012

Theory Of A Deadman       The Crave         Octane Ok


Octane OK won some form of competition to gain the opportunity to open this show on the tour and personally I wouldn’t have chosen them for this particular tour as their music isn’t really on the same level as Theory of a Deadman’s, never the less to give credit where it was due they really went for it tonight and they had a fairly positive response, from my perspective though they were a bit out of their depth here at more of a rock and roll show but whilst it may not be my thing other people seemed to be relating to it, so I suppose from that kind of view it was a success but from where I was stood they were just in the way of who I came to see.

The Crave came on and I think everyone was really disappointed because I don’t feel anyone knew that they were playing and were expecting the headliners to walk on. This is why I feel initially they didn’t really receive a great reception but in contrast to the end of their set where people were bouncing around the room screaming I’d say they won them over in the end. The Crave are definitely a more appropriate act for this particular tour but being the main support for Theory of a Deadman has completely gone to waste as not even once did they announce who they were to the crowd or have any form of logo on display anywhere, if I hadn’t seen them before I wouldn’t have had any freaking idea who they were. So whilst the band played a great set it’s gone to waste as very few people can become fans without knowing who you are.

Theory of a Deadman weren’t initially going to be recieving a good review from me for a variety of reasons; number 1 the sound was terrible, number 2 Tyler’s vocals weren’t great and number 3 the drummer’s mic was louder than everything else. Fortunately 1 and 3 were soon rectafied after the first 2 songs and Tyler would later on explained he was suffering from illness but again after the first 2 songs his voice improved drastically also. Once those problems were ironed out there was no stopping them, whilst some may call the cliché card I felt they were rolling with it and having some fun, the comedy value was off the scale. As the night progresses the crowd became louder and louder not to mention increasingly more rowdy; a pair of women’s pants were flung onto the stage, you could hear nothing but lyrics being screamed louder than Tyler could sing them and everyone left their feet jumping around. The band then made me nearly hit the roof by announcing they’d be playing this year’s Download Festival, from that point on was just pure emotion for me as all of the best songs came out; “Out Of My Head”, “Bad Girlfriend”, “Lowlife”, “Hurricane” and “Santa Monica”. Not to take away from some of the earlier songs because “The Truth Is…”, “So Happy” and “Bitch Came Back” were easily the most memorable of the night. They briefly left before their inevitable encore which consisted of a J.J. Cale cover in the form of “Cocaine” followed by the one and only “Hate My Life”. Me and my 2 lads left the venue in awe eagerly awaiting download festival!

Octane OK – 3/5
The Crave – 3.5/5
Theory of a Deadman – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Theory Of A Deadman

Tyler Connolly
Dean Back
David Brenner

 The Crave

Ryan Burnett
Carlos Garcia
Tom Swann
C.J Evans

 Octane Ok

Paul Tandy
Mikey Rainsford
Drew Comley
Tom Weston

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