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Norma Jean
The Chariot, Dead And Divine, Admirals Arms
Birmingham, Academy 3
27th February 2012

Norma Jean           The Chariot         Dead And Divine         Admirals Arms


Photo Of Admirals Arms © Copyright Robert LawrenceWhat a difference a few days makes Going from probably the biggest venue in Birmingham to one of the smallest in the space of 3 days, Rammstein on Saturday and this gig on the Monday, thankfully both gigs provided me with a decent opportunity to get some good photos, a chance that you can't pass up!

First band up are Admirals Arms, a metal band from France with members from all over the place it seems. Their a rather decent outfit, they have got some decent riffs, catchy at times, there not the heaviest band by any means, nor the fastest, but they make up for that with some listenable metal songs, the vocals are fairly decent, although strangely for a French man to sound American with a cross between shouted and cleaner vocals, mostly understandable too. The drumming is decent and they’re a very lively band on stage great to watch them bouncing around the stage. A solid start to the night setting the bar decently high!

Photo Of Dead And Divine © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are Dead and Divine, a post hardcore band from Canada. Again another decent melodic band, plenty of decent riffs, not the fastest again but they know how softens decent tune,’ solid drumming and bass playing, another really decent visual performance, so far the first two bands have played really well, got themselves some decent tunes. Dead and divines singer again mostly clean vocals, giving it his all backed up by good guitar work, their post hardcore sound is easy to listen to and rock out at the same time, overall again a good band, 2 for 2 so far.

Photo Of The Chariot © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are The Chariot, a band as I hear it, that everyone is here to see, and instantly I can see why, somehow while going absolutely mental on stage they manage to play their math core sound, noisy to say the least, I've no idea why it's called mathcore to be honest, it's noisy really noisy, it's sounds very disjointed as the band is going mental, and one of the guitarists being beset with a few technical issues, kinda broke up the momentum at the start of the set which they got back very quickly as they blasted through their songs. It was a lively set but not the best of music to my ears.

Photo Of Norma Jean © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadliners are Norma Jean, a metal core band that due to their time as a band should surely be playing larger venues than the Academy 3, downgraded from the Academy 2 so I hear, it’s not so bad as it makes for a more intimate show. They open energetically with Leaderless and self enlisted, which is followed by A Grand Scene for a Colour Film, they seem to be following The chariots example of being rather energetic only a bit more self control, being in the pit is a bit safer this time around. They continue their set with Face: Face, Robots, Dilemamachine, Bastardizer, this band is really cooking up a storm, as the crowd goes a tad mental in front of me, as I watch on from the back of this rather sweaty venue. A Small Spark vs A Great Forest, The Anthem of the Angry Brides start the nearing of the end of this rather excellent set and I’m rather mystified as to why this gig was downgraded when they put on shows like this, where are the fans? Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste and Vipers, Snakes, and Actors close out this superb set.

Photo Of Norma Jean © Copyright Robert LawrenceOverall it’s been a good night of music, I haven't seen or listened to any of these bands before, but it has been a consistently good night for music, it’s a shame all gigs aren't like this.

Admirals Arms 3.5/5
Dead And Divine 3.5/5
The Chariot 3/5
Norma Jean 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Norma Jean

Scottie Henry
Chris Day
Cory Brandan
Chris Raines
Jake Schultz

 The Chariot

Josh Scogin
Jon Kindler
David Kennedy
Stephen Harrison
Brandon Henderson

 Dead And Divine

Chris LeMasters
Matt Tobin
Kellan Lindsay
Sebastian Leuth
Kelly Bilan

 Admirals Arms


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