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Pulled Apart By Horses
The Computers
Manchester, Club Academy
17th February 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses         The Computers


Manchester’s Club Academy is a great venue if you’re enthralled by the band you’re watching, but for all intents and purposes it’s a toilet. I say that not because it’s tiny and not just because of that particular potent smell that goes with the live music scene, but because you don’t just sweat in the Club Academy you become part of a massive sweat gland on some inhuman beast. It’s disgusting.

It’s also the perfect venue for witnessing the particular brand of hardcore that Leeds lads Pulled Apart By Horses make and every fan in the room is well aware of that; much the to the detriment of security staff.

First up though is The Computers whose name brings to mind a laptop indie band. They are though absolutely nothing like this, in actual fact they claim to be the inventers of something you might have heard of called ‘Rock and Roll’. The sharply dressed band come prepared to melt faces and with their half an hour of frenetic screaming they manage to burn a few, even setting off the fire alarm along the way—which is becoming somewhat of a typical annoyance at Manchester Academy.

Their raucous three minute blasts of street punk energy translate into a perfectly rambunctious set whereby they torment the crowd with broken microphones, microphone stands, and even offer us their guitars which of course had many grabbing hands clinging to them; once again to the detriment of security. The quintet’s antics left them covered in spit, but then that’s what happens when you spit directly above your own face every twenty seconds. It’s a wonder they had time to play any songs.

Pulled Apart By Horses were right when they said they didn’t want to follow The Computers and while their show might not have had the same sense of chaos they needn’t worry too much. After walking on ‘stage’, or a slightly elevated ground level, to Clint Mansell’s ‘Requiem For A Dream’ they got straight down to business with ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ which packs the jokes and bollocks that made them fan favourites and it doesn’t let anyone down.

The trouble with such a small venue for this particular band is that Tom Hudson, vocals, is an tiny fragment of a man and all their fans—apart from yours truly and a small ginger boy—are seemingly over 6 foot which makes it difficult to regale you with stage antics here. They sounded great though plying us in those thick northern accents with their tour antics in between firing out songs.

The majority of the bands set list was, obviously, from their newest album and they played everything from first single, ‘V.E.N.O.M’ , to the catchy ‘Epic Myth’, to what is apparently their song of the tour the bewitching ‘Shake Off The Curse’. While these songs and their live show shows the band come with a new sense of maturity it’s old classics like ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ that really grab the audience by the throat and chuck them head first into adolescence.

Unlike their support act Pulled Apart By Horses don’t get into the crowd themselves, but then they don’t need to as the pits are plentiful and the crowd surfers coming thick and fast, the same ten people over and over and over again. As the band members slowly remove their shirts to reveal the pasty white flesh and un-toned abs of a true rock band it becomes apparent that these guys don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing, they’re just along for the ride and quite clearly enjoying every moment of it.

See them while you can, before the toilet venues turn to stadiums.

The Computers 4/5
Pulled Apart By Horses 4/5

Review By Lauren Millineaux

 Pulled Apart By Horses

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 The Computers


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