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Hyro Da Hero
Bristol, Thekla
19th February 2012

Hyro Da Hero                


Photo Of Hyro Da Hero © Copyright Neil OliverTonight's exploits were to take place on the main stage of Bristol's Thekla, a unique venue on a anchored boat, for a unique act, Hyro Da Hero. I have little past experience with Hyro other than seeing him provide guest on The Blackout's "Higher And Higher" at Plymouth's White Rabbit in April last year. Playing some fairly intimate gig's supporting such a phenomenal live band, combined with a lot of good press left me, and I'm sure a large number of the crowd in great anticipation. However with this being Hyro's first headline tour it would be hard to fault him for failing to find the stage presence and crowd control of more experienced front men.

A crackle reminiscent of an old radio, accompanied by a pounding heartbeat blearing over the speakers let the crowd know the show was about to begin. As the band took to the stage the heartbeat was replaced with the scratchy guitar opening of ‘Ghetto Ambiance’ before being stripped away leaving drums, bass and Hyro's [abrasive] lyrics. The instant the song reverted to the guitar riffs of Cody Votolato and Daniel Anderson, Hyro dissolved any earlier doubts when he got the crowd to put their hands in the air and clap along. He continued to exercise his control over the crowd during the next song getting the crowd to sing "Beam Me Up Scotty". The sound of the band was far better than that of the support acts with heavy drum beat and powerful guitars. The only thing that could be faulted was the vocal mix, which was ever so slightly drowned out by the band, though still audible.

Photo Of Hyro Da Hero © Copyright Neil OliverWhilst the lights were not the most incredible spectacle, the energy on stage from the band and Hyro (with his constant jumping and moving from side to side) was more than enough to keep the crowd entertained. At the start of the fifth track of the night, "2 Pistols Freestyle" from the Mix Tape "Rock & Roll Gangsta", the band left the stage leaving only Hyro and ‘man with a Laptop at the back of the stage’ to control the sound. At most gig's when the band leaves that stage leaving the lead singer it's for a slow emotional acoustic track or two, however this wasn't most gig's, with the next few tracks being more upbeat Hip Hop tracks. The sound remained at a high level however without the loud boom of the drums and cutting guitar, Hyro's vocals became more prominent. With all headline acts the change, whether it be to acoustic or electronic, proves a welcome change of pace that mixes things up, and this was no exception. The band remained absent during "Tape Rock", and mid way through "Man In My Sity".

Photo Of Hyro Da Hero © Copyright Neil OliverThe band returned to the stage with the sound of the guitars rising over the sound of the laptop and taking the energy up yet another notch with the crowd breaking into a moshpit. The band came back sounding slightly louder and sharper than before, but it was still excellent quality sound, and they were clearly enjoying every second of the concert. The energy on and off stage continued with Hyro asking the crowd to close in on the stage before "Fuck You", "Section 8" and "Worlds Stage". The volume had been sorted and the sound was the best it had been throughout the concert, vocals included. Before playing the next song, Hyro got the entire crowd to raise their phones, take a photo, and tweet about the concert. They were truly eating out of the palm of his hand and he was loving every minute of it. Everyone has been to at least one gig where they've gone, "Wow, I can't believe..." and more often than not these moments come from a small intimate venue like The Thekla. This moment was saved till the encore "Sleeping Giants".

Photo Of Hyro Da Hero © Copyright Neil OliverBefore the start of this song, Hyro left the stage onto the dance floor, and as the music played he got the crowed to start a circle pit with him in the centre. As the vocals kicked in the pit erupted into the biggest mosh pit of the night, with Hyro at the centre singing. It wasn't until mid way through that he leapt from the crowd back to the stage with a grin on his face. As the track wound to an end the heartbeat blared over the speakers once again, the band leaving as they entered, however the voice from the radio was replaced with Hyro saying "now I want to meet all of you", before stepping back into the crowd from the stage again.

Photo Of Hyro Da Hero © Copyright Neil OliverIt was a fantastic end to a fantastic gig, I'm not the biggest fan of rap-rock but as far as performances go that was exceptional. I don't know who was having a better time, Hyro Da Hero or the crowd, which is always nice to see, as is so much energy from a band on the final night of their UK tour. Hyro Da Hero can defiantly play to a crowd with showmanship similar to the likes of Jared Letto but not unbefitting an Intimate venue. I could picture him on a big or small stage and still see an incredible performance. Regardless of if this is your style of music or not, Hyro Da Hero is an act to go and see.

Hyro Da Hero 4/4

Review By Marc Rich
Photos By Neil Oliver

 Hyro Da Hero

Hyro Da Hero

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