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The Big Pink
Birmingham HMV Institute
16th February 2012

Big Pink                  2:54     


Photo Of 2:54 © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell don't I love waiting around, tonight’s gig starting much later than expected, apparently due to the consumption of weed, they could have shared.

First up are 2.54, very odd band name for a very good easy listening alt rock band, the songs aren't what I'd call super catchy but they are easy to listen to, it's the kind of music you can put on in the back ground and either ignore or to listen to. The guitar work is really good, some good riffs and rhythm the bass and drums simple but steady and spot on, being a solid back bone to the songs, with some decent dry female vocals over the top, there basically here to just play and look pretty relaxed doing it, not much stage presence playing with minimal lighting creating a mood that suits their music, this is probably a band I can get into and quite easily enjoy any time of the day but not music for you if you in a happy mood, it's just not that kind of music. Overall it's a really good performance by a tight but laid back band.

Photo Of The Big Pink © Copyright Robert LawrenceI'm rather glad to be see The Big Pink tonight, as I enjoyed them two years ago so I was expecting good things from this 4 piece electro rock band, I don't remember there being 2 guys on laptops from last time but here they are, controlling the electronic part of the songs, with huge amounts of atmos, sound effects as well as synth with the other two members as a vocals and guitar and the drummer, I can't imagine there being much room for improve and going off on a tangent AKA jamming. They open their set with, Jump music, Stay gold, Velvet, Superman (Hit the ground) and Palace, their playing with minimal lighting( as a photographer it’s not a good night to be shooting bands), the songs are better than I remember and not as long either as they play for over an hour playing a fair few songs, with crowd helping out as some of the songs build up to starting, it's a really group effort as they continue with the likes of, Give it up, Crystal visions, too young to love and rubber necking, I'm really enjoying tonight's performance but it's overly bass heavy on the left side of the stage , so I retreat to the back of the venue for a much better listening experience. They finish their set with Dominoes and Lose your mind, I can honestly say I can’t wait to see them again, as I've gotten much more into electronic influenced music since I first saw them, it's. A good night of mostly chilled music.

2:54 3/5
The Big Pink 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Big Pink

Robbie Furze
Milo Cordell
Zan Lyons
Victoria Jean Smith


Colette Thurlow
Hannah Thurlow
Alex Robins
Joel Porter

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