Gig Review

The Treatment
Signify, White Heather, In Dantes Eclipse
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
9th February 2012

The Treatment          Signify                White Heather        In Dantes Eclipse


In Dantes Eclipse are the first of the 3 local acts chosen as the support for this show. First off in their defence they didn’t have the best of luck, a few songs in the lead guitarists guitar string snapped and rendered him unable to play; this was however remedied, the vocalist swapped guitars with him and pushed on, it was clear straight away however that this had affected the band because there were initially mistakes and tuning problems but they were resolved. That’s left me giving them the benefit of the doubt from this show, what I didn’t like is how the vocalist treated the show as though it wasn’t serious and just talking to his friends in the front row, I can’t look at this as a proper show if they’re going to mess around unprofessionally like that, wasn’t impressed with this set at all.

White Heather take to the stage second and whilst they still mess around a bit on stage it’s not in such a way that distracts from the show. They use humour and aggression to provoke and reaction from the small unenthusiastic audience, to some degree it works but you can only provoke as much reaction as this low amount of collective people have. Whilst they have that slight advantage over the first act in regards to professionalism they don’t really deal with the awkward silences all that well and some of the vocals on the tracks were a bit too much for me. Advice from me would be to really hone in on the sound and work out the kinks, also try to energise the room even if there is very few people in it.

Signify shocked me as this is one local act I’ve seen on numerous occasions but when they took the stage I was rendered utterly baffled, 3 of the members I was accustomed to seeing up there had gone. I’ve not really gave this band the best of reviews in the past but I must say with this new line up and new material everything is sounding much tighter. The new vocalist as well makes for a superior front man, exudes much more confidence than his predecessor with clear projection and no fear. His vocal work as well on the songs I’m accustomed to hearing from them are much better I feel than they were and I’ve began to find myself really enjoying their material. These guys definitely picked the last half of the show up for a cracking conclusion.

The Treatment just rocked it, simple as. Not a tremendously huge set for a headline act but they smashed it none the less with 40 minutes of straight up bouncy rock. Persistence and drive from front man Matt Jones finally got this crowd involved with the night, clapping singing along and generally doing more than just gawking at the band, where the other bands failed The Treatment succeeded. Their set comprised of songs from their album but with 4 covers alongside; “Road Rocket” and “Way of the World” by More, “Killer” by Roadstar and an appropriate send ended for a show at The Slade Rooms “Get Down Get With It” by Slade. They played a very good set but what impressed me most is that they didn’t even let the empty spaces dotted around the venue phase them in the slightest, it takes real determination to make every show the best it could possibly be which will help them when it comes to winning people over in this business.

In Dantes Eclipse – 2.5/5
White Heather – 3.5/5
Signify – 4/5
The Treatment – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 The Treatment

Matt Jones
Ben Brookland
Tag Grey
Dhani Mansworth


Rob Harris
Rich (Kendo) Kenwrick
Darren Mills
Jon Aymes

 White Heather

Johnny Goblet
Big G

 In Dantes Eclipse

Hal Lows Steadman
Benjamin Joge
Antony Birch
Georgie Mallen

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