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Kerrang Tour 2012
New Found Glory, The Blackout, Letlive, While She Sleeps
Bristol, Academy
10th February 2012

New Found Glory         The Blackout                Letlive               While She Sleeps


Photo Of Letlive © Copyright TriggerThe Kerrang tour is an event which hits the UK every January and February and it always features a very diverse line up and this year the tour has been as diverse as ever with pop-punk superstars New Found Glory headlining the tour and being supported by pop-punk friends Sum 41, hardcore giants Letlive and rising metal-core band While She Sleeps.

Sadly two weeks before the Kerrang tour was to kick off Sum 41 announced that they would not be able to take part in the tour as frontman Deryck Whibley is battling on going back problems which have left Photo Of Letlive © Copyright Triggerhim pretty much wheel chair bound but instead of cancelling the show Kerrang worked long and hard to find a replacement for Sum 41 and invited The Blackout to fill the gap on the tour which was met with mixed reactions from the fans due to the fact that lots of people bought a ticket to just see Sum 41 and The Blackout were on the tour a couple of years back.

I arrived at the Academy just as While She Sleeps took to the stage and they had the crowd on their side from the start with their fast and furious brand of metal-core music, the venue was packed the mosh pit was Photo Of Letlive © Copyright Triggerkicking off and the band were charging around on stage like maniacs with so many people in the crowd screaming along to the lyrics of songs such as ‘The North Stands For Nothing’, ‘Hearts Aside Our Horses’ and a few others.

While She Sleeps only had a twenty minute set but they clearly put everything into it and I am sure they left the stage tonight with a few more fans.

Next up were Letlive and despite reading articles on how energetic their live performances are I still really did not know what to expect but my god they were extremely bonkers from start to finish, they played in near darkness with the odd bit of strobe lighting and frontman Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright TriggerJason Aalon Butler was like roadrunner on speed running around the stage like a mental case and spending the majority of the set in with the crowd which kept the security on their toes.

They managed to fit 5 songs into their 25minute set and the progressive sounds of tracks like ‘Muther’, ‘La Prologue’ and ‘Casino Columbus’ went down surprisingly well with the crowd despite a few technical sound difficulties with Butler’s vocals not coming across as loud and clear as they should of and I am sure that a lot of people will want to check these out at their own headline show just to see if butler can keep up the hectic pace for over an hour.

Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright TriggerAfter a short change around of equipment on stage The Blackout took to the stage and blasted straight into ‘I’m A Riot! You’re A Fucking Riot!’ and then followed this on with a fantastic cover of Sum 41’s ‘Fat Lip’ after the song Sean Smith dressed in his finest customised Sum 41 t-shirt spoke to the crowd about how gutted he was that Sum 41 had to pull out of the tour but also how glad that The Blackout were offered the slot of filling the gap on the tour, things then went humorous with a few Sum 41 jokes before the band continued to rock out with killer song after killer song with songs like ‘ShutTheFuckUppercut’, ‘Children Of The Night’ and ‘Higher And Higher’ going down a complete storm with the crowd, the energy displayed on stage was fantastic Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Triggerwith the whole band bouncing and jumping around the stage with Sean Smith also getting extremely close to one of the security guards at one point who seemed to have taken it well.

A lot of people wrote The Blackout off before they even stepped on to the stage tonight but they truly blew the crowd away and proved that they were the best band to step in for Sum 41 such an energetic performance which felt like a headline set.

After The Blackout finished there was a good 20 minute wait for New Found Glory and this Photo Of New Found Glory © Copyright Triggerflew by and before we knew it the lights had dimmed and New Found Glory took to the stage and bounced straight into ‘All Down Hill From Here’ which was followed by ‘Radiosurgery’, as the set progressed you could tell that the next hour was going to be a party as New found Glory smashed out classic songs from each of their albums and also found time to play a few cover songs such as The Ramones ‘Blitzreig Bop’, Sixpence None The Ritcher ‘Kiss Me’ and everyone’s favourite punk sing-a-long anthem ‘Basket Case’ by Green Day.

Photo Of New Found Glory © Copyright TriggerNew Found Glory frontman Jordan Pundik spent most of the set charging around the stage whilst singing the pop punk lyrics that we have come to love over the years, Ian Grushka spent a lot of time pulling funny faces to the photographers and generally having a laugh, Cyrus Bolooki whacked his drums with passion whilst showing off his mascot of animal from the muppets, Steve Klein played with pure energy whilst Chad Gilbert did all the interaction to the crowd and got a massive response when he announced that New Found Glory will be back later in the year with the pop punks not dead tour.

Photo Of New Found Glory © Copyright TriggerThe atmosphere throughout the New Found Glory set was fantastic with the majority of the crowd dancing and singing along and generally having a good time, when the set came to an end with ‘My Friends Over You’ you could tell that everyone was left wanting more from New Found Glory as they seriously put on the show of their career tonight.

While She Sleeps 3/5
Letlive 3/5
The Blackout 4/5
New Found Glory 5/5

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 New Found Glory

Jordan Pundik
Chad Gilbert
Steve Klein
Ian Grushka
Cyrus Bolooki

 The Blackout

Sean Smith
Gavin Butler
Matthew Davies
James "Bob" "The Fury" Davies
Rhys Lewis
Gareth "Snoz" Lawrence


Jason Aalon Butler
Ryan Jay Johnson
Jean Nascimento
Anthony Rivera
Jeff Sahyoun

 While She Sleeps

Lawrence Taylor
Sean Long
Mat Welsh
Aaran Mckenzie
Adam Savage

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