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Panic! At The Disco
Bristol, Academy
31st January 2012

Panic! At The Disco          

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright TriggerTonight was the first time for me seeing Panic! At The Disco since I saw them a couple of times back in 2006 and I really did not know what to expect as the first time I watched them live was at Give It A Name 2006 and they stole the whole show and got the biggest reaction from the crowd which was massive achievement considering they were on so early in the day, a couple of months later I watched them at Reading and the show was totally the opposite with the Reading crowd going against Panic! At The Disco and throwing bottles with one hitting Brendon Urie right in the face and knocking him out but like a true man he returned to the stage ten minutes later to complete the set but the magic and excitement of the Give It A Name show was truly lost.

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright TriggerOver the past couple of years Panic! At The Disco have been through many ups and downs such as the average response their second album ‘Pretty Odd’ got, the losing of the exclamation mark in the band’s name which has now returned after their fans kicked off to key band members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker leaving the band which left many people writing Panic! At The Disco off but it was in 2011 when they came back bigger and better with their third studio album ‘Vices And Virtues’.

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright TriggerThe academy was sold out tonight and as soon as Panic At The Disco took to the stage there was screams from every direction in the building and the whole room erupted into dancing mode from everyone on the main dance floor to the people at the back enjoying a beer and even the bar staff dancing away behind the bar, the atmosphere was fantastic and the songs Panic! played was even better.

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright TriggerThe stage set up that Panic! had looked straight out of the ‘Mona Lisa’ video with loads of old skool wooden themed items littering the stage, the band themselves looked pretty swish with the whole band wearing a suit and in the hour and a half they were on stage they blasted through 21 tracks with most being taken from their latest album ‘Vices And Virtues’ but with a couple of covers also thrown in for good measures.

Songs like ‘The Ballad Of Mona Lisa’ and ‘Hurricane’ got a good reaction but it was the classic older material like ‘Camisado’, ‘Nine In The Afternoon’, ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ and ‘Time To Dance’ which were welcomed with the biggest screams and funkiest dance moves.

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright Trigger Through the set Brendon Urie interacted with the crowd a lot and the highlights were when we all thought things were getting religious when Brendon went to pray to god but this had a little twist with Brendon saying “Dear god, just leave me along and shut up you fucking prick” before blasting into ‘Hit The Night’, other humorous moments were when he explained that his mum has ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ as her ring tone and how he freaked out at her over xmas as he wanted to get away from the band life for a few days but that ring tone was haunting but he turned it around and told his mum how much he loves her and how glad he was to of come out of her virgina.

Photo Of Panic At The Disco © Copyright TriggerThe highlight of the show for me was when they covered The Darkness ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ as they totally nailed the song and Brendon’s vocals easily matched those of Justin Hawkins, I am sure the girls in the audience enjoyed the song even more as before they started it Brendon announced that he has never seen this band play with clothes on and stripped his top off before carrying on the song which was met with loud over excited screams from the females in the building tonight.

Overall tonight was proof that no matter what shit you go through as a band there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that is exactly the case for Panic! At The Disco as after a couple of years of bad luck they have come back with an outstanding album with ‘Vices And Virtues’ which proves that Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith were always the key creative members in the band and have also worked their assess off in putting a killer live show together again.


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