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Four Year Strong
Don Broco, A Loss For Words
Birmingham, InstituteLibrary
26th January 2012

Four Year Strong           A Loss For Words       Don Broco

Photo Of Don Broco © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Don Broco, there a 4 piece rock band, not quite pop punk, more rock, it's not bad I though the sofa at the start of the set were alright but as the set went on, there songs did get better, I think it's because some of it was new stuff, seems better written, of course this band is totally new to me, but I think they may hit their song writing stride in maybe there second or Third album. The band are pretty tight on stage, the guitar work is good with some decent riffs, and the guitar tone is really nice at times, distorted but not over done, the drumming is spot on, with bass being good too. The vocals are good it's nice to hear clean vocals as slot of hands go for this screaming vocals, so it's a refreshing change and a good start to my first gig of 2012.

Photo Of A Loss For Words © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are American punk rock act, a loss for words, they’re not too bad sounds a bit middle of the road to me, playing it safe but doing things well, covering the bases the songs are catchy at times, there's a few decent riffs flying around. Everyone on stage is having fun and this seems to run to people back stage who have come out to watch, interacting with the band, having a laugh, I seldom see it, must be the start of a tour thing, they even do a Jackson 5 cover, I want you back, it translates well to their chosen style, they seem to be dedicating a lot of songs to people that they know who have recently passed away. There a decent Band but should mix it up a bit more and take a few chances with their song writing.

Photo Of Four Year Strong © Copyright Robert LawrenceFour year Strong have never been a band I've ever really been interested in, no particular reason why, there an ok band, there's a few of this sort of band about, but they do what they do really well, they opened their set with, What the hell is a gigawatt, stuck in the middle, tonight we feel alive and prepare to be digitally manipulated, there's a decent mix of songs, They've got really good stage presence as they blast through their set with the likes of, heaven wasn't built to hold me, sweet kerosene, enemy of the world just drive and main set closer heroes get remembered, legends never die. Their a tight band and don't seem to be suffering from losing a member but as I hear it it's not something the band was concerned about, nor does it matter, and I can see why, they have a nice full and heavy set of songs, catchy too, they can really rock out it was a good set not enough to make me a fan but I appreciate and understand their music somewhat better, I enjoyed their set as it seemed to have flown by as they finished off the night with One step at a time and Wasting time.

Don Broco 3/5
A Loss For Words 3/5
Four Year strong 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Four Year Strong

Dan O'Connor
Alan Day
Joe Weiss
Jake Massucco

 A Loss For Words

Matt Arsenault
Mike Adams
Nevada Smith
Marc Dangora
Lee Preston

 Don Broco

Rob Damiani
Simon Delaney
Matt Donnelly
Tom Doyle

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