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Dead By April
Marionette, One Without
Birmingham, Institute
11th December 2011

Dead By April      Marionette       One Without

One Without like the other 2 acts are also from Gothenburg in Sweden and their style is actually a distinctive middle point between both the following bands music, the sheer straight up metal style that Marionette pride themselves on combined with the melodic style that Dead By April are famous for. For the most part I can’t really knock them, they played with extreme passion and energy, but I have to say that some of the lead female vocals went right through me being as high pitched as they were and the amount of repetition in their crowd interaction soon begins to get stale after a few songs. They did seem genuinely enthusiastic and excitable, I feel I may actually have enjoyed it a lot more than I did if the jackass managing the sound desk didn’t piss about, allowing everything to feed back and become unbalanced in the mix, maybe next time they’ll play a venue that has competent staff.

Marionette follow up with by dragging the crowd kicking and screaming into the depths of hell with their more aggressive approach. The intensity never let up, whilst there was minimal crowd interaction the band never allowed the energy to deplete or the silence’s to emerge, they just continuously blasted metal at the audience. Apart from a few pits breaking out and a few cheers the band don’t seem to be received very well in comparison to either the first act or the headliners but I feel that stage show wise they performed the best. Their on stage attire was the ultimate in suiting up, emerging in suits and almost school kid get ups it’s quite a surreal thing to be looking at when listening to this type of music. Again the asshole of a sound guy was neglecting his duties but this time the guitarists microphone wasn’t even audible alongside the other instruments, even so they made the best of their set and managed to impress me.
Dead By April have bravely embarked on their first headline run after a mere 3 trips to the UK. With so little exposure it’s quite impressive that they’ve managed to pull a half decent crowd here in Birmingham tonight. Now, having seen them twice before put on some pretty amazing shows I had set myself up to expect a fantastic set; I was utterly disappointed. Some things remain the same; instead of outrageous onstage aggressive antics Dead By April opt for a down to earth yet subtly menacing vibe, the audience is encouraged to sing along as much as possible and everyone is going crazy and having a great time, me included. Right from the very first song I had an inkling that there was some lip synching a foot, only on the part of screaming vocalist Jimmie Strimell when it came around to his clean sections. Obviously the band had a backing track due to their lack of keyboardist which is fine, but it soon became apparent that there were vocals on the tracks but when I could hear that clean vocalist Zandro Santiago was using it for harmonies which I can live with, Strimell however was quite clearly screaming live as its easy to tell, but when contrasted with the clean sections they sounded much quieter and very synthesised, so much to the point that they couldn’t possibly be live. “Calling” was the final nail in the coffin, I enjoyed it as I did the whole set but the amount of syncing on this song was ridiculous, some points getting the crowd to sing along would expose the vocals on the backing track when clearly nobody was singing. As much as I love Dead By April if they carry on like this I won’t be attending their shows anymore.

One Without – 3/5
Marionette – 3.5/5
Dead By April 3/5

Review By James Webb

 Dead By April

Jimmie Strimell
Marcus Wesslén
Alexander Svenningson
Zandro Santiago
Pontus Hjelm


Alexander Andersson
Mikael Medin
Anton Modig
Aron Parmerud
Linus Johansson
Jimmie Olausson

 One Without

Catrin Feymark
Kenny Boufadenes
Joni "Jupiter" Kaartinen
Joonas Niskanen
Håkan "H-Can" Strind

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