Gig Review

Twin Atlantic
Dinosaur Pile Up, Arcane Roots
Birmingham, Academy 2
2nd December 2011

Twin Atlantic               Dinosaur Pile Up          Arcane Roots

Photo Of Dinosaur Pile Up © Copyright James Daly
Well tonight is a mixed one for me, I've heard allot of twin Atlantics songs and really want to see how they perform live, but Dinosaur Pile Up are supporting and the last time I went watching them, I wrote a review which wasn't greatly received, basically it said that they were ok, but on the whole the night was poor.

Arriving at the venue at half 6 for an interview with twin Atlantic I find out that the doors have been open for half hour and that my interview is taking place whilst the Arcane Roots are on stage, and I'm glad I missed half their set.

Arcane Roots are not my thing at all, thrashy trashy guitars with lots of high pitched cymbals whilst the singer (if that’s what he is) whine’s strange noises into the mic. In the middle of their songs there are quiet breakdowns that seem to go on forever, until they build up and overflow with a burst of noise and energy. I'm sure on another day I could get into them, maybe at a festival but tonight I’m not a fan, luckily though there's quite a few people here who enjoyed there set.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright James DalyNext up is Dinosaur Pile Up and I'm anxious to see how they’ve come on since the last time. The answer..... Not far. They seem to blend into the background this time around, just standing, moaning on, with almost every song sounding the same. There’s the odd song which changes the pace and passion, but most of the songs seem to fade away into obscurity, just moments after hearing them. The vocals are drowned out by the sound of the bass, with just the harmonics of the guitar being slightly heard over the rest of the noise coming from the tinny drums. I think after two tries of going to see them, I just don't like this band, which sucks because I really thought I'd love them when I heard them on the radio, which leads me to another point, they didn’t play their main single “Mona Lisa” which to me suggests they want to stay underground and want to play for themselves, which you just can’t do, because who pays for the bands to play, the fans and what fan is going to watch a band that doesn’t play the songs they like. Ah well, the set comes to an end and next up is the main act!

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright James DalyTwin Atlantic, this Glaswegian 4 piece have come a long way over there 4 years of being a band, they’ve had a great year gaining success in the US and getting bigger here in the UK playing Leeds and Reading Festivals the great aplomb. They’re a band that put allot of effort into what they do; tonight you can tell this straight away just by the lighting and the way they enter the stage, the lighting has been dark and dingy but now the stage is lit by hanging light bulbs and brightly coloured lights that flood the stage and when mixed with their intro music make an amazing atmosphere, the crowd are eager to rock out and when each member appears one by one adding to the music the room is ready to explode, finally singer Sam Mctrusty appears on stage with his hood up and the crowd go wild, Twin Atlantic know where to take this energy and that’s to pour it straight into one of their biggest singles “Beast Of Myself” which goes down a storm. The band feed off the audience and play a stonking set that sounds amazing, the band have allot of work to do, but they make it seem effortless, switching between instruments mid song, whilst also jumping around. I’ve seen allot of bands this year and I have to say that Twin Atlantic are up there in bands of the year, both live and on CD. I cannot recommend this band more highly, there set is amazing and during song “Human After All” Sam leaps into the crowd with guitar still rapped around him. The set comes to an end to the great single “Free” which demolishes the audience.

Tonight’s gig was let down by the supports but Twin Atlantic where that good, it made me forget all about it. Tonight’s almost sell-out crowd seemed to love every moment and even the supports received a good reception, but it was made up of mainly, just legal, kids getting tanked up ready for the long night of clubbing ahead.

Arcane Roots 2/5
Dinosaur Pile Up 1/5
Twin Atlantic 5/5

Review By James Daly

 Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale

 Dinosaur Pile Up

Matt Bigland
Harry Johns
Mike Sheils

 Arcane Roots

Andrew Groves
Adam Burton
Daryl Atkins

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