Gig Review

Idles, The Hit Ups
Bristol, Fleece
12th October 2011

Dananananaykroyd     Idles                      The Hit Ups

Hit-Ups waltzed on stage with a bit of swagger in their super skinny jeans. Musically they were good but I feel they weren’t quite maximising their potential, the vocals were slightly off and didn’t quite fit. Maybe with a bit more tweaking they could become something greater. The crowd still weren’t quite warmed up yet, they stood slightly further away from the stage than maybe you would expect, and no one really got into it except the one guy that seems to be at every gig in Bristol, ever.

Idles were ok, they weren’t anything special. Lead singer Joe Talbot came across as incredibly pretentious, whether that is just on stage I do not know, but either way I found it off putting when trying to absorb the music. The crowd, again, didn’t care too much for Idles, but to be fair it seemed a hell of a mellow band to support the madness that was about to be Dananananaykroyd.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dananananaykroyd – What a fucking band! There was an entire party happening on stage, it’s so rare to find something like this, pure excitement, noise and their music makes you want to completely let go of yourself. It’s hard to watch these 6 Glaswegians live and not have a smile on your face. Lead singers Calum Gunn and John Baillie Jr. knew how to please the crowd, they jumped into the pit, hugged everyone, jumped around some more then returned to the stage for more chaos repeatedly through the performance. Even people on the balconies were dancing. These guys even took the piss out of themselves and their Scottish accents, purely light-heartedly but it certainly gave the atmosphere a much more comfortable and positive vibe. They slightly outlined their reasons for splitting up… They said they couldn’t afford a dry cleaner or something to that extent… they joked about it and said their thanks to the crowd for their support over the years. Dananananaykroyd wanted to end on a high, and they certainly did! No one wanted them to stop playing, they went off stage and the entire crowd chanted ‘’DANANANANAY – KROYD!’ before they returned for one last song. It really is a shame these guys won’t be around anymore, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for a comeback gig…

The Hit Ups – 2.5/5
Idles – 2/5
Dananananaykroyd – 5/5

Review By Karlie M


Duncan Robertson
David Roy
Calum Gunn
John Baillie Junior
Paul Bannon
Ryan McGinness


Joe Talbot
Mark Bowen
Andy S
Adam Devonshire
Jon Beavis

 The Hit Ups

Jay Berast
Darren Pugh
Joe Heaton

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