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Saves The Day, The Wonder Years
Birmingham HMV Institute
29th November 2011

Yellowcard                   Saves The Day           The Wonder Years

Photo Of The Wonder Years © Copyright James Daly
Well I arrive at the venue later than planned due to the chaotic traffic on the Birmingham express way, an hour late for my interview with first support The Wonder Years and by the time I get in its only half an hour till they go on stage. But due to them being such nice guys I still get an interview with lead singer Soupy as he and the rest of the band are getting ready. After the interview I go out and take my place by the barrier and shortly after....

Photo Of The Wonder Years © Copyright James DalyThe Wonder years come out on stage, this Philadelphian 6 piece were great when I saw them back in February supporting Good Charlotte, so I was hoping that tonight they’re just as good, but I was wrong, they were so much better! They kick off to their latest single, “Come Out Swinging” and although most of the crowd are hear for some emo and violins this pop punk outfit get people moving. After 2 songs there singer Soupy, declares to the crowd "this stage is the smallest tackiest stage I've ever played on, I’ve almost fallen off it 5 times" and so decides to get off stage and take it to the audience, performing in a circle of people, most have no idea what's going on, but it's fun and the rest of the band are rocking out on stage! He eventually goes back on stage for the last few songs, and his ear piercingly strong vocals demolish the audience. The room is hot and sweaty now and everyone is warmed up and ready for the next act

Photo Of Saves The Day © Copyright James DalyAfter a good wait, Saves The Day finally come on stage, there given a warm reception, the room isn't set alight but people look happy enough. The New Jersey 4 piece hasn’t played in the UK for 7 years so I was expecting the crowd to go wild, seeing as this was a joint headline tour! They’re set list is rather a long one which in the most is pretty boring. The singer’s high pitched voice grates me by the time they're 4 songs in. If you want a night of slow sways and high pitched ear bleeding then Saves The Day are for you. I know they’re emo legends and 10 years ago try where huge, but it seems like they're stuck there, I can't tell one song from another and they luck rather uninterested be to on the stage, I know each band member had about 500 pedals and it’s hard to have fun whilst concentrating, but come on your playing a gig, cheer up!

At least I can say they sound alright, but it’s just stringy guitar chords, and some flowing bass. Halfway through they slow it down which is hard to do seeing as most of their songs are as slow as treacle coming of a spoon. As you can tell I wasn't impressed with Saves The Day and a hour and 15 minute set is way to long for me and most of the audience to bear, with only a handful of people dancing and singing in a sold out venue! The only saving grace is at the end of the set they play mega hit “At Your Funeral” which sets the room on fire, and even the band seem happy! At least there last song has got the crowd going again and luckily Yellowcard are up next and they don't take too long to set up and get the crowd more pumped!

Photo Of Yellowcard © Copyright James DalyYellowcard instantly get everyone moving, it seems they’re the band everyone came here to see! The Floridian rockers come out to For You And Your Denial which goes down well but their second song Way Away brings the house down, everyone is singing along and the band find it hard to believe, the Violinist Sean Mackin is High Fiving the front row in-between his parts and the energy of the crowd feeds the band as they start jumping and spinning around. This energy is fed back to the crowd and it’s hard for people not to be on their feet moving around! Their sound is great, the levels are just right, it's not over powered with violins or bass, it's mixed up great!

They were last meant to play the UK back in 2007 but the tour got cancelled and then the band went on hiatus for two years, so people of the UK haven’t had chance to see them in six years, they did support All Time Low early this year but by the time they were announced most shows where sold out, this is something the band seem overwhelmed by “Six years and a sold out show, I can’t believe the reception we’ve been Photo Of Yellowcard © Copyright James Dalygetting here in the UK this year!” says singer Ryan Key. They want tonight to be better than the gig than last night in Glasgow and by word the Birmingham crowd pull it off! Yellowcard play a stonking set of old and new including classics such as Lights and Sounds, Light Up The Sky and Only One before finishing there set with the song that put them into the big time back in 2004 Oceans Avenue.

Yellowcard where amazing, much better than on their support slot with All Time Low early in the year. I would have said The Wonder Years where the best band of the night but Yellowcard blew me and everyone in the venue away, a pure 5 star performance. I can’t wait to see them and The Wonder Years in the future, but I hope I don’t ever have the misfortune of seeing Saves The Day again.

The Wonder Years – 4/5
Saves The Day – 1/5
Yellowcard – 5/5

Review By James Daly


Ryan Key
Sean Mackin
Ryan Mendez
Longineu W. Parsons III
Sean O'Donnell

 Saves The Day

Chris Conley
Arun Bali
Rodrigo Palma
Claudio Rivera

 The Wonder Years

Dan "Soupy" Campbell
Matt Brasch
Josh Martin
Casey Cavaliere
Nick Steinborn
Mike Kennedy

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