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The Ting Tings
Birmingham O2 Academy 2
25th of November 2011

The Ting Tings     

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I missed the opening act tonight as I was stuck at the box office trying to get in so my apologies to Charli XCX, you sounded OK from outside.

Ting Tings are a band that from my perspective released a couple of songs a few years ago then just disappeared. I'm sure plying the smaller room at the academy is a step down for them......any way they’re a catchy two piece pop band, just drums and guitar, it's all basic stuff, a few cords and a solid drum beat is all they need and a backing track, I'm sure she's not lip syncing but when the vocals are still going when she's stepping away from the mic I assume she just sings over a backing track.

Photo Of The Ting Tings © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe songs as I suspected, from the few I actually know are all pretty catchy but the catchy songs didn't really kick in till after the opening two songs which were Give it back and hang it up, they got fairly decent after that with the likes of Great DJ, Fruit machine, Guggenheim. What I didn't know was that the drummer also plays the guitar, and he's pretty good. The crowd however don't look all that excited tonight if I'm honest only coming to life sporadically, but there is some singing from the female element of the crowd.

I'm not a fan of bands playing to backing track, they could have got a touring guitarist to do the drummers parts as they towards the end of hit me down sonny, just a bizarre way of doing things!! They could have used them for the rest of the set, they found some musicians for 2 minutes of the set at the local uni, could have done with some touring musicians at least!! The crowd came to life somewhat for shut up and let me go and got the biggest cheer so far of the night! They close the set with hands which is a dance song basically purely electronic with the drummer on the synths, it ain't bad, they could have closed off with shut up and let me go, which would have been better.

Photo Of The Ting Tings © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter a short break, they played the song I'm sure they've all being dying to hear, it’s not my name, this gets the most reaction from the crowd and thanks from the band after they finish. This has been an odd night with a few little niggles, like there being two tech guys milling about on stage, just fiddling and being pretty much visible all night, the lack of common sense in not hiring a few tour musicians to fill in the gaps, it just seems like there hogging the spot light, tour musicians are not a new concept, I think the whole night would have been better with a few hired hands. The whole backing track thing seems lazy too, if you can’t do it on stage live then you just shouldn't do it, other than that, not a bad night.


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 The Ting Tings

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