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Dimmu Borgir
Birmingham, Academy 2
26th November 2011

Dimmu Borgir          

Photo Of Dimmu Borgir © Copyright Robert Lawrence
The symphonic black plague has its sights set on infecting the city of Birmingham this evening, after already sweeping the rest of our great nation over the past fortnight one can only assume success. Dimmu Borgir have found themselves very successful in their respected black metal genre worldwide; so when news dropped the band were to embark on a lengthy UK tour contained by intimate venues, smiles cracked across the faces of face painted fans nationwide. Not only would these shows be intimate but it was also announced the shows would have no support acts, instead they would contain 2 sets by the band. The first of them being an album in its entirety as voted for by the fans and the other containing hits from their back catalogue, I will therefore split my review into 2 sections to cover both sets separately.

The winning album voted for from the 3 selections available was “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, so the first set consisted of that albums songs played in the same order that it appears on the album. The album was released 14 years ago, back in 1997 and was the third Photo Of Dimmu Borgir © Copyright Robert Lawrencealbum the band ever put out; the other 2 choices for the vote were the only 2 that were released previous to this, I therefore think the mentality behind the fans that voted was that it was the most developed of the 3 releases. I also think that a lot of fans were unfamiliar or uninterested with the majority of the album; this is based on the reception during this first set compared with that of the second, people much seemed less enthusiastic when vocalist Shagrath introduced these songs. The one song that did pull a decent reaction was “Tormentor of Christian Souls” which received a very warm reception. For me, I enjoyed the set but I found myself desperately waiting for the second set to begin because I’m a fan of their more recent material and not really big on those first 3 albums.

Photo Of Dimmu Borgir © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe second set is on a completely different level! The crowd is absolutely loving it, the band appears to feed from that vibe, the material is superior and much more familiar (In my opinion at least). All of this builds a more enjoyable atmosphere and greater performance overall. The songs as well are more up my street; “The Serpentine Offering”, “Gateways”, “Puritania” and “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” are some of my all time favourite Dimmu songs. Putting the whole thing together gives a tremendous show overall; when you leave a gig, feeling like you’ve seen the same band on 2 separate occasions when this isn’t the case, they’ve done something right. It’s shows like this that make me glad I spend most of my time at gigs, the feeling given by a great show like this is unmatched.


Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Dimmu Borgir


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