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Photo Of Kate Nash © Copyright TriggerKate Nash
Bristol, Anston Rooms
10th November 2007

Six months since my last visit at the Anston Rooms in Bristol and I find myself back their to watch the ever so popular Kate Nash, an artist who has been dubbed the next Lilly Allen due to finding fame and success through her my space page, Kate's single 'Foundation' hit the number 2 spot in the UK singles chart back earlier in the year which then caused her record label to bring the release of her debut album 'Made Of Bricks' forward by 6 weeks to meet the public demand for Kate Nash.

Kate Nash can surely sell records but is she any good when it comes to live music? Well tonight I left the venue with a really mixed opinion of the show. By the time Kate Nash took to the stage the sold out Anston Rooms in Bristol was packed with screaming fans, Kate was joined on stage by her small stage band who consisted of a Chris Evans look a like, Elliot on drums, and Jay who seemed to play pretty much everything from Bass, Guitar and Tambourine throughout the night. Kate took to the stage with 'Play' the introduction track of the album kicking off and took centre position sat behind her piano, the stage had a few props with a neon light flashing Kate Nash situated above drummer Elliot's head and a massive bucket of white roses situated to the left of Kate and a model of a swan situated to the right, and various other props making the stage look that little bit more interesting.

Photo Of Elliot © Copyright TriggerIt wasnít long before the introduction of 'Play' finished and Kate fired straight into 'Mariella' a song that went down extremely well with the sold out crowd. Kate played through the majority of 'Made Of Bricks' with each and every song going down well with the crowd. 'Dickhead' sounded a bit out of place played live, it was one of my least favourite tracks on 'Made Of Bricks' due to the fact that it didnít have much going on and was simply too boring, and it sounded even worse live.

Most of the show Kate stayed sat down behind her piano and only got up midway through her set to walk around the stage a bit whilst playing the acoustic guitar. The highlight of the show was as expected when they played 'Foundations' and 'Mouthwash' back to back with the whole of the Anston Rooms screaming and singing along word for word for a good ten minutes.

Photo Of Jay © Copyright TriggerLike most bands Kate left the stage for a good couple of minutes before returning to play the album-closing track 'Merry Happy' for the encore, which gave the crowd a last chance to sing along with their Idol.

Overall the Anston Room's seemed like a nice sized venue for Kate to play, it was a nice size being neither too big nor too small, the main downside to the show was that Kate was stuck behind her piano for too long which really limited her stage performance and instead she had to rely on her vocals alone to please the crowd. I think Kate is going to struggle slightly when she plays the big Arena venues in the New Year, especially if she is stuck behind her piano for the whole show and plays such a short set.


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 Kate Nash

Kate Nash (piano, guitars, percussion, synth)
Jay (guitar, tambourine, bass, synth-s, laptop)
Elliottt (Drums)
Meg-king Wong (Vioilin)
Brett Alaimo (Guitars)
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