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Exit Ten
Fei Comodo, Glass House
Birmingham, Institute
14th November 2011

Exit Ten               Fei Comodo          Glass House

Glass House are only received to a total of 7 fans, it would appear that this evening not many people can be bothered to make an appearance for the support acts. Never the less they make the best of an unfortunate turnout and try to make their set fun, infact at one point someone burped down the microphone just really taking the piss out of some of the nervous mumbling they’d previously been doing. Their music isn’t too bad to be fair but at times the vocal work goes right through me and has me pulling bizarre pain faces at the high pitch parts. Hopefully they’ll get their shot at a large crowd in Birmingham on another tour but tonight out of all 7 people I can safely say 2 of us won’t remember then in 2 weeks time.

Fei Comodo treat this show no different to any others they would play, regardless of the attendance. They are the only band that seems to be impervious to the self conscious feeling caused by poor attendance and still give it their all showing a huge commitment to each individual fan. The band has been together since 2003 and has released multiple EP’s and Singles, but they have been a bit quiet in recent years. This year however they’ve really got their arses into gear and released a new EP and a new single, hence why they’re on tour, all for promotion. Their distinctive post hardcore style brings straight up aggression to a predominantly progressive metal night, from what I can see they band are received well mostly due to their impressive music and their professional attitudes regardless of the situation, rather than mumble the lead vocalist still projects his voice so you can understand what he’s saying. After meaning to see them for a few years now I’m glad I finally got around to it.

Exit Ten are no strangers to poorly attended shows in Birmingham after their last appearance at the Jagermeister Music Tour a while back which whilst being free and sold out was very poorly attended for some strange reason. Never quite understood why because Exit Ten are one of the finest British bands on the scene, by the time the band comes onstage this evening however in all fairness there are a lot more attendants than previous acts had pulled but not by a drastic amount. Once again the empty space really seems to have affected the lead vocalist because between songs he indulges in some nervous mumbling, to be fair it’s only a reflection of the crowd; few people can only make a certain amount of noise and are more self conscious than individuals in a larger crowd. The set is a decent length premiering songs from their new record “Give Me Infinity” mixed alongside songs from their critically acclaimed debut album “Remember the Day”; whilst the fans are fewer in number they are no less dedicated than any others projecting the lyrics louder than a church choir, welcoming the southern progressive heroes to our town. With any luck they’ll get themselves some recognition with their new album and hopefully play to some larger crowds to really give us a larger Exit Ten experience!

Glass House 2.5/5
Fei Comodo 3.5/5
Exit Ten 3.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Exit Ten

James Steele
Stuart Steele
Chris Steele
Joe Ward
Ryan Redman

 Fei Comodo

Marc Halls
Will Phillipson
Mike Curtis
Jay Styler
Rob Clemson

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