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Funeral For A Friend
Escape The Fate, The Amity Affliction, The Bunny And The Bear
Birmingham, Academy 2
17th October 2011

FFAF                     Escape The Fate          The Amity Affliction     The Bunny The Bear

Photo Of The Bunny The Bear © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Before I get to talking about how the bands performed, I feel I really need to make a point first about the venue’s technical staff. The man behind the sound desk is an absolute moron; he couldn’t even play the music between bands without buggering around with the volume let alone get the levels right for the set.

The Bunny The Bear are quite possibly the worst live act I have ever seen. If they weren’t strung out on some form of drug then there is no excuse for what I just saw; the screaming vocals were pathetic, their on stage performance was sloppy, the music on the whole was atrocious and they continuously said “thank you London” which was met by silence from this black country crowd. If it were me I’d be wearing those masks to hide my identity so I wouldn’t be associated with that set, I also feel that my opinion was shared by many attendees tonight, mostly because I heard them say so.

Photo Of The Amity Affliction © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe Amity Affliction have been given the easiest job in the world, follow whatever the hell that previous act was. Here is where the sound problems begin due to neglectful sound engineering (the first band may have had some but it was terrible anyway so you wouldn’t have noticed), the guitarists microphone doesn’t even work for God’s sake. Taking into consideration that there is 6 guys on stage, it’s understandable there isn’t a lot of space for them to really manoeuvre but the band appears to be trying their best; thankfully they aren’t bumping into each other, which is a miracle considering how energetic the keyboard player was. The style of the material that the band performs tonight is some post-hardcore music, things to compliment here are the good guitar work and superb clean vocals reminiscent of Atreyu but I must say whilst the main vocals are good the lyrics here seem to be forced into the song and don’t really fit well, maybe that’s just the point and people do enjoy it but it’s a bit hard to follow in my opinion.

Photo Of Escape The Fate © Copyright Robert LawrenceEscape The Fate are greeted to an ear deafening screech of adoring female fans. Hailing from Las Vegas the band are finally on a full UK tour which if you ask any Escape The Fate fan they will tell you is a rare occurrence, so that screech we heard was an audience unleashing their built up anticipation. Having said that all these fans have been waiting a damn long time to see this, they would want everything to be absolutely perfect because God knows when you’ll get this opportunity again; now unfortunately, due to no fault of the band, things are far from perfect. There the band are rocking it, diving around the stage giving it their all hitting every note with precision yet due to that moronic sound guy the volume of the lead microphone is barely existent in the mix. The only time you can hear the lead vocals are when he really screams his lungs out or when every other member is silent and when you can hear him he’s doing a really good job, but the fact you can’t make out any of the lyrics most of the time has really hurt the performance tonight. Hopefully the band will come back soon because they cannot leave their good names tarnished like that.

Photo Of Funeral For A Friend © Copyright Robert LawrenceFuneral For A Friend were last here headlining the Birmingham Academy 2 a mere 7 months ago on a headline tour; that venue was much smaller and I believe it was sold out, I think the band thrived off the atmosphere provided there as it was a terrific gig, extremely funny with a really rowdy crowd. Tonight isn’t a touch on that; it was the perfect show, this however is in a larger room and whilst many tickets have been sold there is a lot of empty space, that I think has had a considerably large impact on the band as well as the crowd because when there is a lot of empty space feel people more singled out and as though people are being watched which in turn affects how crazy they get. The band feels this as people aren’t making anywhere near as much noise either which I think hurts the charisma of lead vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye as he isn’t as upbeat or full of life as he once was. Never the less I enjoy a lot of the tracks from the set list; some of the greatest Photo Of Funeral For A Friend © Copyright Robert Lawrenceclassics like “Bullet Theory”, “Roses for the Dead”, “Streetcar” and “Escape Artists Never Die” mark some of my highlights, they throw in some good new tracks too “Front Row Seats to the End of the World”, “Broken Foundation” and “Spinning Over the Island”. The encore could not have been more perfect; “Your Revolution is a Joke”, “History” and finally my personal favourite FFAF song “Juneau”. Whilst the performance here hasn’t been the best, the material was all note for note perfect and played with aggressive bursts of energy so for that I can forgive them, maybe the next tour will be in more appropriate venues.

The Bunny The Bear – 1/5
The Amity Affliction – 3/5
Escape The Fate – 3.5/5
Funeral For A Friend – 3.5/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Funeral For A Friend

Matthew Davies-Kreye
Kris Coombs-Roberts
Ryan Richards
Gavin Burrough
Richard Boucher

 Escape The Fate

Craig Mabbitt
Monte Bryan Money
Robert Ortiz
Max Green

 The Amity Affliction

Joel Birch
Ahren Stringer
Imran Siddiqi
Troy Brady
Ryan Burt

 The Bunny The Bear

Matthew Tybor
Chris Hutka
Erik Kogut
Amber Kogut
Steve Drachenberg
Matt Trozzi
Danny Stillman

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