Gig Review

Bless The Fall
Pierce The Veil, Motionless In White
Birmingham, Academy 2
17th October 2011

Bless The Fall     Pierce The Veil            Motionless In White

Motionless In White are over here on their first ever European tour; the band slithers on stage encompassing a really Gothic image; dark make up, piercings, tattoo’s, the full image and considering the lyrical content of their music it fits perfectly. Like I said the lyrical content of the music is quite Gothic but also themed alongside more relatable life issues and the style of the accompanying music is a cross between good old fashioned metalcore and the more modern style of metal which is heavily based around breakdowns and sub drops, great choice of opener. Tonight happens to be 26th birthday of the lead vocalist; so half way through the set whilst he’s addressing the crowd after a song, the other 2 bands sneak up behind him on stage with a birthday cake; Blessthefall vocalist Beau Bokan then managed to encourage the entire audience to sing choruses of happy birthday to him before stealing a bit of the cake and running off. Decent start to the night I suppose although some of the crowd interaction and songs were a bit repetitive.

Pierce the Veil managed to almost put me to sleep several times and eventually caused me to leave the venue towards the end of their set. Imagine this if you will; Alvin and the Chipmunks goes metal, on cocaine, let loose in Birmingham. The vocals were beginning to give me a migraine; the vocalist is like the metal equivalent of Justin Beiber with some of the crap he spouts, “Promise me guys, you’ll never give up on your hopes and dreams, even if your parents and friends don’t believe in you” give it a rest for the love of God, he was also trying ridiculous onstage antics like running up the wall and failing at them all. I didn’t like the music, I didn’t like the performance –however only from the vocalist, the other members were giving it their best he just wanted to be a rock star who acts as though he’s 16 not 28 – I did saw people wearing Pierce The Veil t-shirts enjoying themselves and I cannot understand how anybody liked that, each to their own and everything but my good God never again.

Blessthefall are the only band tonight who give a performance that I would actually consider witnessing again in the foreseeable future; they were very extremely energetic, musically everything was tight and the room had an amazing atmosphere. Lead vocalist Beau Bokan has a lot of charisma and energy; it’s as though he’s the teacher of metalcore 101 with an obedient class than hang off his every word. Not a single member of the band lingers around in the shadows; they all stand on their own 2 feet and make themselves seen and heard, it’s all smiles tonight. The only real criticism I can have is that they don’t really have anything in their live show that makes them stand out in the crowd, they have the potential for it but their attitudes just aren’t anything that hasn’t been done before. I think that’s why I want to see them again though to be honest; I think the fact they seem to be trying too hard is based on their desire to make it big over here, when it finally pays off for them and they take it easy and really find out who they are I think they could really put on a memorable show, that alone is enough reason for me to take notice of this band, desire is key.

Motionless In White – 3/5
Pierce The Veil – 1.5/5
Blessthefall – 3.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Bless The Fall

Beau Bokan
Jared Warth
Eric Lambert
Matt Traynor
Elliott Gruenberg

 Pierce The Veil

Vic Fuentes
Mike Fuentes
Jaime Preciado
Tony Perry

 Motionless In White

Angelo Parente
Chris Cerulli
Joshua Balz
Ryan Sitkowski
Ricky Olson

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