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B Conspiracy, Anti-Vigilante
Birmingham, Institute
30th October 2011

Capdown                    JB Conspiracy               Anti-Vigilante

Photo Of Anti-Vigilante © Copyright James Daly
When I got asked to cover Capdown I was so excited, this band has always been there throughout my early gigging days, they were a band I never really listened to on CD (remember them?) but a band that I thoroughly enjoyed live, they just always seem to crop up as either a support band or at the right place at the right time. They’re playing at the Library in the institute which is the smallest area of this multi room venue, which I’m sure will make the atmosphere tonight electric!

Anti-Vigilante are first up tonight this 4 piece from Milton Keynes know how to warm up a crowd. Their style of atmospheric dub/punk/ska reminds me of King Prawn with a good mix of fast vocals crossed with a bit of sax instrumentals. The deep bass pounds through the room and moves everyone with the vibrations, whilst bassist Gareth moshes like it’s going out of fashion. The crowd are into it but seeing as the venue wasn’t full yet, people where standing back, so when singer Josh asks the crowd to move forward 4 steps I thought no chance, but tonight’s crowd are up for it and they move forward and get into the mood. They pull off a good set and lead the way for the night’s second support

Photo Of JB Conspiracy © Copyright James DalyThe JB Conspiracy who barely fit on this small stage with their 7 members are booming from the start. They get right into their fun time ska punk and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Some of their songs remind me of Slow Gherkin, lots of instrumental break downs that keeps building up and building up. They have a great sound mix with trumpets, sax and keys which make a really traditional ska/reggae style big band, which is awesome but at times can be quite tinny. All three vocalists come across to make clear harmonies which echo and bounce off each other. They slow down there set with a bit of reggae which gives the crowd time to relax and catch their breath before getting the crowd swinging again. The JB conspiracy put on a great show and everyone has a good old skank.

The night is going great and finally the wait is over, Capdown take to the stage and bring their unique brand of punk/thrash/ska to the stage. The atmosphere in the room is electric, they sound amazing, even if the sound is up to a ridiculous volume they still sound great, with the guitars, bass and drums all coming over amazingly well, you can feel the music running through your body. Everybody loves it, and the whole crowd is moving. Normally when I say that the crowd are normally just nodding there head as there all pressed to the barrier, but here everyone is dancing! The crowd of a few hundred are all in their own space and getting down to the beats, some people are in a pit, some people are moshing and some and skanking, but no-one is standing still and it’s really refreshing to see, that ska punk is still going down well even if it’s not really at the fore front of the scene.

Photo Of Capdown © Copyright James DalyCapdown play a great set and play all their great live songs including the sax heavy Cousin Cleotis to Pound For The Sound and the awesome Ska Wars, all this is wrapped up with Home Is Where The Start Is to end this amazing night of punk, ska and reggae with a bang. Tonight has been great with all 3 bands proving that this type of music is still alive, and with Capdown still officially split up its humbling to see a band that doesn’t care about selling albums or for fame and money as there here, they’re playing music that they love and as long as there happy and the crowd is happy they’ll keep doing it. Let’s hope they come back for another tour soon as the world needs more bands with this attitude for playing music for the fun of it!

Capdown 5/5
B Conspiracy 4/5
Anti-Vigilante 4/5

Review By James Daly


"Shakey" Jake Sims-Fielding
Robin "Boob" Goold
Keith Minter
Tim "Makkaz" Macdonald
Andrew "Eddie" Hunt

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