Gig Review

The Joy Formidable
And so I Watched You From Afar, Creatures Of Love
Birmingham Institute
13th October 2011

The Joy Formidable        
And So I Watched You From Afar        Creatures Of Love

Joy Formidable at Birmingham HMV Institute 13/10/11 with support from Creatures Of Love and And So I Watch You From Afar

Tonight is a last minute gig, I was asked to do it a day or two before but only found out at 5 on the night that I had the gig for definite, so I grabbed my camera and headed out for a night of Indie beats. I get to the venue, get inside and start getting my kit ready only to find moments before the first band comes on stage that my card has corrupted and that I can’t take any photo’s, I tried my best to fix it but nothing happens, so I begrudgingly take my place in the crowd and get ready to enjoy the evening.

Creatures Of Love are first up, this atmospheric indie band are really interesting. They’re sound is different to most as they build up and tear down there beats all over the place. They are really hard to pigeon hole as they come at you from every angle. The sound is really impressive, great vocals over big beats and synth but I think it would sound allot better with a bigger stage, but unfortunately I can’t see them being everyone’s cup of tea and will probably not be a huge band, but if you’re looking for something different, something that will make great background music in a film then this is the band for you. They play a decent set taking you on a journey through sound; it’s a different start from the normal gig openers but a good one.

And So I Watch From Afar are the main support tonight, a punk rock band from Belfast. They’re not punk rock in a Ramones style they’re punk rock in the way they’re a mash up of different styles, they’re fast drum beats and screechy guitars scream punk, but the song progression is more prog rock. The tightness of the act is immense, this band no how to play and know how to put on a show, getting the crowd hyped up into a frenzy ready for the main event. It kind of seems odd that they’re on this tour but it makes for a night of eclectic noise that is really great, and makes a refreshing change from just seeing one genre at a gig. They’re sound is great but the lack of vocals at times makes it really frustrating as the tune is great but you just want a catchy bit you can sing along to instead of just bopping along to the sounds. The crowd is now pumped and ready for…

The Joy Formidable are a 3 piece indie band from Wales, I know Indie is a lame way to describe them but I really think it’s the best way, they do delve into different styles like rock and mellow but they are at the end of the day a great indie band, which they should be proud off. They take to the stage in great style to one of their better known songs, A Heavy Abacus, which instantly grabs everyone’s attention with the thrashing intro and plodding verses. They hauntingly beautiful vocals stand out miles and the sound is great, the bass is powerful and intentionally distorted, the guitar fuzzes through and makes the songs sound great. Halfway through the set the drummers pedal disconnected but this didn’t stop them, they continued on and had a laugh with the crowd keeping the night ticking on. They’re stage set up had a few touches with the odd bit of lighting and mic decorations. They play for an hour with plenty of heavy hitting songs that please everyone in attendance. They end there set with the stylistically booming song Whirring that wraps the evening up nicely, the song builds and builds till it explodes with raw emotion.
Overall I had a great night; with 3 differently styled bands under one roof all giving something unique and interesting back to this enthused crowd. Things would have been better if I could have taken photo’s but I guess that’s the way things go, I hope to see and take photos of these bands in the future as they all made a great first impression on me.

Joy Formidable 4/5
And So I Watch From Afar 4/5
Creatures Of Love 3.5/5

Review By James Daly

 The Joy Formidable

Ritzy Bryan
Rhydian Dafydd
Matt Thomas


Rory Friers
Johnny Adger
Chris Wee

 Creatures Of Love


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