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Birmingham Symphony Hall
11th November 2011

Photo Of Yes © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Yes a band I've seen a CDs or two of theirs adoring my dad’s CD rack and tonight he warned me that each song would probably last about 20 minutes and he wasn't wrong. There only playing 13 songs from across their lengthy career, they open with yours is no disgrace and lengthy prog affair which really goes for all their set as they are a prog rock band what I wasn't expecting that some parts of the songs were actually quite good and good for most of the set. There a pretty tight band that has gone through quite a lot of line up changes over the years and picking a decent set list must be somewhat of a challenge with all their material they have got, a set which includes tempest Fugit, I've seen all good people, life on a film set, and you and I.

Steve Howe takes Centre stage to take the set another notch down with a solo acoustic instrumental guitar performance. The band rejoin Steve on stage for the mid set song Fly from here, taking the pace up again with a pretty catch riff before going all proggy again. The vocals from Benoit David are pretty decent it's a good tuneful I a bit dull but it's YES and I think it's all out he music and not the vocals, but he's decent none the less.

Photo Of Yes © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey continue the set with the superb wondrous stories, they continue on with into the storm, heart of a sunrise and another superb song starship trooper. I have to say I was expecting to be bored stiff by this set but I had a good time at this gig at the Birmingham symphony hall, and it was my first time here for a band and sitting up on the balcony too, they closed out the night with the excellent Roundabout. Will one of their best off’s make it on to my iPod, yeah I think so.

Yess 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Geoff Downes
Benoît David

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