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Lacuna Coil
Straight Line Stitch
Birmingham, Institute
5th November 2011

Lacuna Coil                    Straight Line Stitch
Photo Of Straight Line Stitch © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Straight line stitch are the first band I get to see tonight, I only caught the end of October file (1/5) set, which if I'm honest I wasn’t too impressed with, there repetitive riffs really didn't do much for me plus I couldn't understand the gruff vocals. Back to SLS, there a 5 price female fronted American metal band. It's pretty heavy in sound which is good along with clean vocals it works really well the two guitarist are pretty good, they got some decent riffs not too catchy but there still decent. The drumming is pretty decent, not sure if the double kick drums are needed but it works. The vocals get drowned out at time when she goes for a growl it just disappears under the bass and drums, the crowd unfortunately are only really responsive when prodded, but there are some fans tonight in amongst some that don't look impressed, they should be as straight line stitch are pretty good, they got some decent songs in there seemingly short set, which fly’s by, must be good then good sets always seem shorter than they are.

Photo Of Lacuna Coil © Copyright Robert LawrenceLacuna Coil, well you should know who they are by now and what they sound like, tonight they are on top form, and sounding particularly heavy and very very loud, which is very good so much better than there album counterparts. Christina sounding as fantastic as ever especially during wide awake where she really steps into the spot light and band take a step back. Some of the heavier tracks are fragments of faith and new song to be released on their new album adrenaline darkness, kill the light, it's a good dark heavy track which should give a good indication to which direction the album will go, it should be killer. Without fear is a song that’s hardly played but is being played on this tour, a classic lacuna coil song to say the least. Speaking of classics all the ones you'd expect are in the set tonight, like swamped, fragile, heavens a lie, I won't tell you and dépêche mode cover and main set close enjoy the silence. They come back on to play survive and new song trip the darkness which is also there latest single and what a superb song it is too. They close the night out with spellbound. A superb end to a fantastic night. 5/5

Straight Line Stitch 4/5
Lacuna Coil 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia
Andrea Ferro
Cristiano Migliore
Marco Biazzi
Marco Coti Zelati
Cristiano Mozzati

 Striaght Line Stitch

Alexis Brown
Seth Thacker
Kris Norris
Jason White
Kanky Lora

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