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Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
4th November 2011

Turisas                     Chthonic             Kiuas
Photo Of Kiaus © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Kiuas, first band of the night, there a melodic metal band. The pace of the songs are quite mid paced nothing too speedy here. The Bass seems to have been turned up somewhat as its quite interrupting at times. The guitar work isn’t too bad, the songs allow for the guitarist to show off a bit on the solos, his plying ain't too bad, his vocals are pretty decent. The keys player just seems to fill in the gaps. The talking. In between songs seems a bit forced, seems fake and just silly. The songs are overly lengthy and just seem to go nowhere at times and then just end, no real climax to the songs. There an average metal band getting the basics right but nothing to exciting here.

Photo Of Chthonic © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe turn out tonight is disappointing to say the least, about 300 people in here, and the widest photo pit I've seen, not sure why it's that big maybe to fill some space in the room, there's also tables and chairs at the back.

Chthonic are the main support with the lovely Doris on bass. There a melodic death metal band from Taiwan, not normally my cup of tea admittedly but tonight they are on top form and much better than the last time I saw them. Jesse the lead guitarist is on absolutely fantastic form some of the solos he played we're outstanding, as was Doris, but for me Jesses guitar playing really stole the show for me. Freddie's vocals are not my cup of tea but they certainly grew on me as the set progressed, which is odd as it pretty hard for things to grow on me once I’ve made up my mind about something. The drumming again spot on. All the elements tonight working in perfect metal harmony and was much enjoyed by myself and the crowd.

Photo Of Tarisas © Copyright Robert Lawrence Time for some battle metal with Turisas, they must be disappointed with the turn out tonight due to a local bonfire. I've never listened to this band before, I have to say there more battle than metal in the metal stakes, it's not an insult but just how I hear it. The violin was quite surprising as was the smell coming from the band, fresh to say the least. Turisas are a pretty tight band, there music is something you can imagine leading some army into a battle, it's really catchy stuff, songs like set opener The March of the Varangian Guard, battle metal, Rasputin, great escape, one more, sahti, fields, all great catchy songs. The guitar work is pretty damn decent, there stage show is pretty awesome it's good to watch and a joy to photograph, the drumming, bass playing all habitats certain rhythm that gives it that battle metal feel. It all works so well but as the set wore on, I just wanted to hear an out and out metal song, just drop the battle for a song or two and just thrash out, it would be a refreshing change but other than that niggle, I enjoyed the show.

Kiuas 2.5/5
Chtohonic 4/5
Turisas 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Mathias Nygård
Jussi Wickström
Tude Lehtonen
Jukka-Pekka Miettinen
Olli Vänskä
Robert Engstrand


Freddy Lim
Jesse Liu
Doris Yeh
CJ Kao
Dani Wang


Asim Searah
Mikko Salovaara
Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto
Jari Pailamo
Teemu Tuominen

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