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Black Spiders
Birmingham, Academy 2
27th October 2011

Volbeat                            Black Spiders
Photo Of Black Spiders © Copyright Robert Lawrence
First and only support band to our are Black spiders, a hard rock band I've see a few times with varying performances, and tonight’s performance is pretty damn Good, they burn right through their opening songs, opening with stay down, kiss tied to kill me, stick it, after these fast hard rocking songs, they take things down with the slow and heavy st Peter. They get fast and heavy again wolves, before launching in to the ultra catchy just like a woman. They close there set with a proper head banger, blood of the kings. A Hard rocking performance tonight from the ultimate road band, they are always on tour somewhere.

Volbeat a hard rock band with a slight country twang to them. There songs really have something to them, the drum beat always has a bouncy rhythm to them as do most of the guitar riffs in their songs really, there’s no real variation in the guitar sound, which causes some of the songs to sound very similar. They open there set with the human instrument, Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood both really good fast past bouncy songs to get the crowd going. These are Photo Of Volbeat © Copyright Robert Lawrencefollowed by heaven nor hell, A Moment Forever and Hallelujah Goat, these songs sort of sound similar the dirge of the song sound does get grating after a while, the songs are good but the actual sound of them kind of ruins, there's plenty of head nodding going on around me, obviously there fans, but the songs seem very simplistic in structure, the only liveliness seems to come from the drumming and vocals which are pretty damn decent, but there not one for moving about much on stage pretty boring to watch if I'm honest plus it gets a bit boring hearing bands dribble on about Birmingham's past bands. They do a pretty decent cover of the Johnny cash’s sad mans tongue, giving it of oomph, and getting the Crowd going with a bit of singing along. They do a bit of prating about with playing some very short bad covers. They then continue their dirge with the likes of new day and radio girl, rebel monster and a decent set closer still counting. After a short break they come back on with warrior, fallen, river queen, a dusty Springfield cover I only want to be with you, another decent cover and set closer pool of blood, with a bit of slayer smacked on the end to closer the night out completely. It's not a bad set but for the guitar sound, and one less cover dropped from the encore, others than that not bad.

Black Spiders – 4/5
Volbeat – 4.5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Michael Poulsen
Thomas Bredahl
Anders Kjølholm
Jon Larsen

 Black Spiders

Pete 'Spider' Spiby
Andy 'Ozzy' Lister
Mark 'The Dark Shark' Thomas
'Tiger' Si Atkinson
Adam 'The Fox' Irwin

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