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Iced Earth
Bristol, Academy
6th November 2011

Iced Earth         
Photo Of Iced Earth © Copyright Trigger
Florida five piece power mettlers Iced Earth are a band I have been wanting to see on the live circuit for a long time and tonight I caught them at the Academy in Bristol, the show was original scheduled for the Academy 2 but due to selling more tickets than expected it was moved to the main Academy the venue looked half empty but there is no way all these people would of fitted into the Academy 2, looking around the crowd tonight was a mature audience and you just knew there was going to be a lot of head banging and hair being thrown about.

Photo Of Iced Earth © Copyright TriggerIced Earth took to the stage at 9.15pm and played a ballsy 90minute set and started off on a high with the title track from their latest album ‘Dystopia’ which features a mad instrumental introduction which sounds like an epic battle charge and new vocalist Stu Block broke his Bristol cherry with a mad growl before unleashing his diverse range of vocals throughout the 6minute epic ‘Dystopia’.

The 17 song set featured 7 songs from the bands current album ‘Dystopia’ with new front man Stu Block announcing mid set that they are extremely proud of their new album and are playing as many songs off it as possible, this was met with loud cheers from the crowd who obviously share the same positive thoughts on ‘Dystopia’.

The most touching moment of the set was just before they played ‘End Of Innocence’ and Stu Block made an announcement about how he wrote the song about his mum who is currently suffering from cancer and how we live in such a fucked up world where anything can happen, the song went down a treat and you could feel the emotion running through Block’s voice and in his eyes, this was followed up by the awesome ‘Anthem’ which had Brock addressing the crowd that we can’t be on a downer and have to celebrate our life and the melodic lyrics of “Torn asunder our destiny is in sight, This is the anthem to celebrate your life” got that message across clearly.

Photo Of Iced Earth © Copyright TriggerDespite the set being made up mainly of new tracks it did not stop Iced Earth from adding a few classics into the set and Stu Block covered the vocals with perfection and it was ‘Dante’s Inferno’ which got the biggest reaction tonight as the song is an 16minutes masterpiece which has three sections put together to make one epic song.

Throughout the 90minute set there was no giving up by the head bangers in the pit they were going for it for the whole set and even the people propping up the bar and situated near the back of the venue were getting into it with their best power metal air guitar moves.

It’s fair to say that Iced Earth were fantastic tonight, they came and gave the fans exactly what they wanted and churned out an outstanding 17 track set with long term founding member Jon Schaffer really upping the pace for speedy guitar riffs tonight.

Iced Earth 4/5

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 Iced Earth

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