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Forever The Sickest Kids
Glamour OF The Kill, Decade, Action Item
Birmingham HMV Institute
6th October 2011

Forever The Sickest Kids     Glamour Of The Kill        Decade          Action Item
Photo Of Action Item © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Action Item have trekked here all the way from New Jersey for their first ever UK tour. To sum up the style of their music, I’d say it’s pretty standard pop with some pretty aggressive drumming but extremely well crafted to say the least. The band left their mark on the night oozing with confidence and possessing amazing on stage professionalism, a lot of crowd reaction with everyone getting involved with them which results in a lot of fun. The women in the room (which is around 95% of attendees) will not stop screaming as this American 5 piece use typical pop star winking and singling girls out in the crowd to its full advantage, they have the audience obeying every request whether its singing along or clapping it gets done. This really isn’t something I’d normally listen to but they’re just one of those bands that have ridiculously infectious music and you can’t help but enjoy it so for that well done lads, not a bad first trip to good ol’ Britain for these guys.

Photo Of Glamour Of The Kill © Copyright Robert LawrenceDecade are a British act that follow on with much less success than the previous act. Straight away from the very first song there are problems with the bass guitar followed by the lead singer introducing the wrong song which the other members have to correct. Speaking of the lead vocalist he really didn’t seem to know what to do with himself, he just kept walking from one spot to another putting his foot on the monitor and his hand on his knee, either nerves or lack of enthusiasm has got the better of this young man. With regards to the music I don’t think this band can decide whether they want to be A Day To Remember, Four Years Strong or Funeral For A Friend, it’s just a mash of all 3 different styles and isn’t really anything original to go shouting about. Sorry lads either it’s not your night or you’re just a very disappointing British band.

Photo Of Forever The Sickest Kids © Copyright Robert LawrenceGlamour of the Kill hit the stage and now I’m finally dealt a band I’m extremely familiar with. By far the heaviest band on the bill which may be why they don’t appear to go down as well with the crowd compared with the previous acts. There are nowhere near as many people singing along with them or jumping around which is quite a letdown. This probably isn’t aided by the sound being quite poor for GOTK’s set so when the feel good party anthem “Feeling Alive” rings out the effect it would normally have is a fraction of what it should be which is a crying shame. In spite of all those faults and problems, I think the band performs really well with huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy, lots of banter with the audience and a set filled with great tunes. You couldn’t really ask for any more from the band, maybe a better sound from the venue and a more appreciate crowd but I mean that’s not the bands fault.

Photo Of Forever The Sickest Kids © Copyright Robert LawrenceForever the Sickest Kids arrive to the star struck war cry of many young girls, its louder than the music and it’s given me a migraine headache, it’s that bad that between songs when lead vocalist Jonathan Cook tries to address the crowd he has to wait a few minutes till the girls take a break before he can speak. This band definitely have a lot of love for their live shows as you can tell they are really giving it their all tonight, Jonathannearly took 7 people out with his mic stand and shows absolutely no fear of injuring himself. When standing up the top of the stairs to catch a breather, I look down upon the crowd and sure enough front to back, side to side all of them have their hands in the air jumping as high as their legs allow and going absolutely bat shit crazy. I may not be an FTSK fan but their lighting is terrific, the atmosphere is surreal and the play extremely well.

Action Item – 3.5/5
Decade – 2.5/5
GOTK – 4/5
FTSK – 4/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Forever The Sickest Kids

Jonathan Cook
Austin Bello
Kyle Burns
Caleb Turman

 Glamour Of The Kill

Davey Richmond
Chris Gomerson
Mike Kingswood
Ben Thomson


Alex Sears
Joe Marriner
Connor Fathers
Dan Clarke
Harry Norton

 Action Item

Brian Cag
Anthony Li
Mark Shami
David Buczkowski
Dan Brozek

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