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Your Demise
Birmingham 02 Academy
15th October 2011

Enter Shikari                 Your Demise         Letlive
Photo Of Letlive © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Letlive Are a 5 piece progressive post hard core band, I can see the progressive part quite well, as a lot of their songs are quite disjointed, and don't really take on a traditional full song structure all the way through the song. It drifts from catchy to random noise at times, with the lead guitarist using whatever’s at hand to distort his guitar like using a mic or a mic stand, or even one of the stage monitor, it really works which is what is surprising, I'm not sure if I like this band there active there progressive and aggressive on stage, the vocals screaming and clean which suits the songs but not to always my taste. They can really play their instruments, and I'm sure there's some improve in there also, they seem to be a tight band so they really just go for it which is good to see, it just feels at time that the songs lose their way somewhat before coming back together for a good finish.

Photo Of Your Demise © Copyright Robert LawrenceYour demise are the main supports tonight there a hardcore punk band, hardcore certainly they are, the vocals more screaming stuff, it's just about Palatable, the music as expected is full on. Most of the time, again drifting between listenable, to messy, there a good visual band to watch, really active and can really get the crowd going most of the time, plenty of crowd surfing going on. Some of the guitar riffs are really good when you got one of the stage monitors pointing at you but elsewhere it gets lost in mess of the song at times, the bass is really full on and gets things shaking at times but at seems to drift in and out, minor tech problem there, I don’t know. There a good band it's just the songs get messy, but are probably a band that need many listens to work out just what is going on.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceEnter Shikari; well we finally got there after many attempts, finally got on a headliner tour, happy days. Anyway I'm not all that too familiar with their material but I think I prefer there live act over any of their CDs any day as its really full on and probably more electronic based and its superb, on the nose, dance rock Music which reminds me somewhat of pendulum, as it's the same genre really. They even break out the acoustic guitars for a song. There's plenty of singing and dancing going on which drives up the heat in this sold out venue and the light show is superb, making for great photo opportunities and Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert Lawrencereally adds to the music atmospherically too. It's a shame we got kicked out of the pit after one song, much to the annoyance of the other togs in there, I feel we have missed out on better photos. I really enjoy the vocals to songs and the guitar work mixed with synth is just superb making for some really memorable catchy songs that makes you want to listen to over and over, but only live, this is a band that last time I saw them there set dropped off, towards the end but this set showed no signs of doing that as it’s a solid set all the way through.

Letlive 3/5
Your Demise 3/5
Enter Shikari 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Enter Shikari

Rou Reynolds
Rory Clewlow
Chris Batten
Rob Rolfe

 Your Demise

Ed McRae
Stuart Paice
Daniel Osbourne
James Sampson
James Tailby

 Your Demise

Jason Aalon Butler
Ryan Jay Johnson
Jean Nascimento
Anthony Rivera
Jeff Sahyoun

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