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April Divine
Birmingham, Institute
9th October 2011

Staind                       April Divine   
Photo Of April Divine © Copyright Robert Lawrence
April Divine are a 4 piece alternative rock band who first emerged over a decade ago in the town of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. They have the privilege of being the sole act supporting Staind on their short UK run; musically they are the ideal support act as they play a brand of alternative rock which is technical and catchy much like the musical styles of Staind themselves, so when the math is done sounds like it should be a great show. Whilst the music is a impressive the performance quite frankly is lacking on a fair few parts, most notable the lead vocalist who’s vocals repeatedly kept going flat and on top of that there wasn’t really much of a show to watch as the band did little to involve the audience with their set and due to tuning and water intake there were some awkward silences.

Staind have wrote some of my all time favourite songs, they’ve produced some truly astonishing albums but the one thing for me this band has never been able to do is entertain me at a live show. I have previously commented that the band has no energy on stage and that lead vocalist Aaron Lewis has no distinctive stage presence, now I stand by what I said Photo Of Staind © Copyright Robert Lawrencebecause back when I’ve seen them before I’ve come away extremely disappointed but tonight there is definitely something different. Aaron still has the same attitude as always but for some reason tonight it’s working for him, during songs whilst he’s embracing his hardened bad boy attitude it works for him but between songs the man has very little to say and keeps it ridiculously brief. During “So Far Away” and towards the end of the set he managed to get the audience to sing with him and used that aggression he has during songs with crowd reaction which is very effective. The other 2 members aren’t in the spotlight but they aren’t hiding away either, I must mention lead guitarist Mike’s insane headbanging. All I can say is finally! I have seen a Staind show and actually enjoyed myself today, if they keep this up who knows I may even attend next time!

April Divine – 3/5
Staind – 4/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence


Aaron Lewis
Mike Mushok
Johnny April

 April Divine

Jocke Åström
Peter Uvén
Per Karlsson
Johnny Johansson

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