Gig Review

Evergreen Terrace, Bane, Nasty, Casey Jones
Bristol, Fleece
30th August 2011

Unearth               Evergreen Terrace     Bane           Nasty     Casey Jones
Casey Jones took to this tiny stage with full pelt; they were loud, heavy, and in your face. Lead singer Josh James had a real presence about him, he sang into the crowd, even jumping down to the floor and participating in the mini-pit that had been created. It seems Josh James liked to tell a story; they were many told throughout the small amount of time they had allocated to them. I feel it necessary to point out their little story about ‘’butthash’’. Josh explained first of all what this was [FYI- Huffing the methane that comes from placing ones own fecal matter in a tube and letting the methane be created] This story ended with the sentence – you’ve gotta be pretty fucked up when you have to huff your own shit. They blasted through the rest of their performance and got an amazing reaction from the crowd. Just a shame they won’t be touring the UK again.

German-born Nasty were… well, nasty. Their vocalist looked like an East 17 reject with his oversized clothes and beanie balanced on the top of his head. They seemed angry without reason, and at times, downright miserable. There was no effort or enthusiasm to their set and no stage presence, which resulted in completely no interest from the audience. When the lead singer did attempt an interaction, he mumbled so much that no one could understand a word he was saying. Their drummer deserves a high five though, pretty much the only thing that kept my interest during their set.

Aaron Bedard gave it his all with Bane on stage, admittedly, he looked slightly out of place in his oversized basketball t-shirt and baseball cap, but I listened with open ears nonetheless. He entertained the crowd, although slightly ruined for me by the incessant ‘straight edge’ bollocks. They were funky in places, however there didn’t seem to be any consistency with Bane. They had my attention until their guitarist/backing vocalist started singing like a girl.

Evergreen Terrace grabbed most people’s attention the second they walked on stage. Everyone seemed to go crazy for them. Despite being a few more straight edge kids they put on a great show. They were lively, upbeat, and cheesy metal at its finest. Everyone ‘bopped’ along one way or another; It was hard not to. They performed their cover of ‘Mad World’ which was incredibly well received. Evergreen Terrace are heavy when they need to be, and have a real good balance between the two genres. Good fun ‘melodic hardcore’ band.

It seemed like we’d waited a lifetime to see Unearth. Finally, at almost 11:20pm they took to the stage. AndHoly Shit, it was worth the wait. I think my ears started to bleed when they struck their first note. This shit was loud, fucking loud. Unearth drew every single body in that room closer to the stage, and it was then that we saw the most epic pit of the night. Vocalist Trevor Phipps knew how to please his audience and performed impeccably throughout the entire show. His vocals were on key for every syllable, every note strum on the guitars was where it was supposed to be. It’s almost impossible to not get involved when this band is doing its thing. Definitely go and check out Unearth if you get the chance, your ears will bleed and you will probably get smacked in the face from the pit; no matter where you are standing. But fuck, that’s a good thing, right?

Casey Jone 4/5
Nasty 0.5/5
Bane 2/5
Evergreen Terrace 3/5
Unearth 4/5

Review By Karlie M


Ken Susi
Trevor Phipps
Buz McGrath
John Maggard

 Evergreen Terrace

Andrew Carey
Craig Chaney
Josh James
Caleb James
Alex Varian


Aaron Bedard
Aaron Dalbec
Zach Jordan
Brendan Maguire
Bob Mahoney


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 Casey Jones

Josh James
Caleb James
James Siboni
Evan Judd
Poops Howard

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