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Panic Room
David R Black, Sarah Dixon
Birmingham The Asylum 2
8th October 2011

Panic Room           David R Black       Sarah Dixon      
Photo Of Sarah Dixon © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Sarah Dixon is first up tonight, she's an acoustic guitar player, singer, and she also has a second guitarist up there providing rhythm I'm guessing while she plays lead. She has a good voice on her; the guitar playing seems to be there to fill in as it’s all about the vocals. The songs on the part are well written love songs, the last thing I need tonight is love songs, in a poor mood for them but I’m not gonna hold that against her. She's really feeling her songs as she’s moving on the spot and smiling while singing, it's nice to see that the songs are more than just words to her.

Photo Of David R Black © Copyright Robert LawrenceDavid R Black, a power rock trio from Manchester. The opening first two songs are by the numbers rock songs up beat fairly catchy but sololess, but plenty of heart and gusto in them. The third song in is a slower more serious affair, it's not bad, and my favourite of the set so far. The vocals could do with turning up and everything else turning down a notch. This seems a band that's much better live than on cd as infant see a cd delivering the fullness of their live sound. After a good start they've gone off the boil being average at best. They can play quite well, no half arsing but the songs there playing have drained the life from the midset needs more upbeat quicker songs to inject life back into the room. A song the 6th or 7th Song in sounds like an out of tune mess, it's a horrible noise coming from that ugly strat of his, I'm not entirely sure if it's supposed to sound that fuck awful! Another mid paced song, more tuneful this time, I'm hoping for a good finish. They finish on a mote upbeat note thankfully but as it's the last song of the set it's far too little too late, life in this reviewer has been drained by mid paced mediocrity.

Photo Of Panic Room © Copyright Robert LawrencePanic Room, finally some life in the night, opening there set with an atmospheric number soon shake the cobwebs off with freedom to breath, a much needed shot in the arm with this highly catchy and upbeat number. The female vocalist is pretty damn good. As is the rest of the band some great guitar hooks, decent bass and keys playing and the drumming is pretty solid and steady, nothing overly ambitious but it all works so well with some good song writing. 5th amendment closes out the opening of the set taking things down a notch in pace but not in catchiness, The fall, a much slower affair more of a ballad I'd say, not the best song of the set, too early for a ballad as it's losing the pace of the set right away. I might be the youngest person in the room bar two others which makes a remarkable change for once. Next up is reborn, taking the pace back up with some much needed life, exodus takes it down again, much to my annoyance.. The rest of the set features good songs such as bitches crystal, dark star and set closer satellite. It's not a bad set odd placement of songs, really kills the tempo and pace of the set, bit more careful set planning and they could turn a damn good show into a great one. They close the night with the excellent sandstorm. Overall it was a good finish to the night after a droll middle band. Wasn't sure what to expect from panic room, as I hadn't come across them before, but was pleasantly relived and surprised.

Sarah Dixon 4/5
Sarah R Black 2/5
Panic Room 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

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