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Shadows Chasing Ghosts
Manchester, Satan's Hollow
2nd October 2011
Shadows Chasing Ghosts     Polar
Satan’s Hollow is the only venue in Manchester, perhaps the country, that is at once a club and an underground lair featuring faces carved into the woodwork and of course a massive model of Satan. With a circular stage at ground level in the middle of the room it’s the perfect venue to watch a Hardcore gig in and the Resis Tour was exactly that.

Featuring Surrey boys Polar and the up and coming Shadows Chasing Ghosts it was somewhat of a surprise to find the metal club somewhat lacking in an abundance of fans for the enthralling Essex boys live experience, but after watching their performance you can’t help but feel those who are fans in a year or two will have missed a trick.

After a frankly lacklustre start from the two local bands who failed to get any action the impromptu mosh-pit consisting of two guys essentially fighting showed that Polar had something about them and slowly but surely two turned to three and then in turn to four, it was a joyous occasion. The band were tight and gave a full throttle performance of screaming in faces and being screamed back at in return by their small fan-base in attendance.

With half the crowd draped in Park Way Drive merchandise it seemed like a much more aggressive affair than many were used to, but it was in the aggression and passion that the bands thrived and headliners Shadows Chasing Ghosts relished ever moment of the tiny spotlight they were cast under.

Vocalist Trey Tremain was a performer attuned to his audiences’ desires spending half the gig with only one foot on the speaker and the other poised to keep his body from falling into the audience as he shared his microphone with adoring fans that were simply happy to be this close to their idols. Tremain was equal parts hero and equal parts usurper as he ripped the crowns from the heads of his band members and proclaimed himself king. His performance was vicious and charming and perfect for the venue. While the two guitarists simply stood there thrashing out note perfect chords and watching their massive hair it was Danny Green on bass that captivatingly played into the crowd’s whimsy.

New single ‘Resist’ was a crowd pleaser with some fans mouthing words to no one in particular as others groped for Tremain’s neckline on the horizon. From 2010’s The Golden Ratio it was ‘Sunlight’ and ‘You Ain’t Got the Minerals’ that were the most memorable in a set where songs are played fast, hard, and without introduction. On record Shadows Chasing Ghosts aren’t actually very heavy, live is another thing altogether as the sound reverberates around a tiny room and straight into your ear drum, all the songs from all the bands were loud and indistinguishable, which isn’t so much a comment on the band as the sound quality of Satan’s which was otherwise a fabulous venue.

The Resis Tour may have featured four bands, but it really was all about Shadows Chasing Ghost. If you’re going to listen to this band in any capacity I urge you to see them live where they inject bags of fierce personality. The songs could be by a million bands, but the show could only be by one. See them in a small venue while you still have the opportunity.

Polar 3/5
Shadows Chasing Ghosts 4/5

Review By Lauren Mullineaux

 Shadows Chasing Ghosts

Trey Tremain
Danny Green
Jack Mackrill
Matt Jones
Danny Coy

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