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Anti Social Misfits
Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
10th September 2011
StringBessant            Anti Social Misfits
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It’s a strange situation tonight, there is no barrier, and it’s a very relaxed affair, table’s chairs at an acoustic night at the slade rooms. First on is anti social misfits, local west kids band, normally an electric rock outfit, now a 4 piece acoustic band just for tonight, I'm sure it's a refreshing change for all involved, some of the songs are tongue in cheek, there are plenty of funny moments to keep the atmosphere light hearted, some of the songs are pretty decent such as ground zero, thousand dead is pretty cool, it has a dark tone, it's pretty decent. The guitar playing has its moments but some of it is average at times, but gladly the songs stripped as they are, the guitars don't trip over each other, the sound is nice and clean, and easy to listen to. A welcome addition is a Pearl Jam cover Black; it's a pretty decent acoustic cover. One really annoying thing that you never normally notice at gigs because it's loud is the crowd talking, not quite on the same sound level but really noticeable, and it's hard to listen when you've got 50 conversations in your right ear and a band in your left. Science fiction girl, the music is good but the lyrics are rubbish, and it’s not sung very tunefully at times. The band had the crowd’s attention but as it went on, the lost most of the room, only the front row of tables really paid attention throughout. Overall not a bad set could have done with a few more catchy songs and a more attentive crowd, who only really played along when prodded into joining in.

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Two of the members of the band Reef. Can't say I've ever been a reef fan, I couldn't even tell you any off ere songs, I probably know some, if someone told me they were reef songs. So this is my first experience of reef, well sort of any way. Thankfully the crowd now decide to shut up well on the most part. The songs played so far are to say the least a bit on the soft side very mellow, a tad depressing in places but there pretty decent songs to be honest, peeling back is pretty good. The crowd can't seem to shut up for 45 minutes, it is actually pissing me off a fair bit, as the crowd seem to be trying to compete with the band, it's mental. SB, play their entire Yard EP/album, which includes the calling, self is here, wipe them tears, give me the key and hey girl. There’s a mix of acoustic guitar, tambourine and harmonica which adds an extra layer to some of the songs which gives them some colour. Shutting down is a newer song off their latest EP. The songs as good as they are could do with being a bit livelier, as there a tad dull at times, just something up beat to break the monotony of the set. The reef songs at the end of the set get the biggest cheer, but the main focus here is there songs that they have done as their own separate entity away from reef. Its interesting stuff and an outlet for these two guys away from reef, they just need to write a few up beat pieces to give there set some life.

Anti Social Misfits - 3/5
StringerBessant 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Gary Stringer
Jack Bessant

 Anti Social Misfits

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