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Karma To Burn
Black Spiders, Gentleman's Pistols
Bristol, Fleece
4th August 2011
Karma To Burn         Black Spiders       Gentleman's Pistols
Photo Of Black Spiders © Copyright Karlie MGentleman’s Pistols took to this tiny little stage in Bristol to a room full of eagerly awaiting rockers. From the second front man James Atkinson sang his first note the crowd were hooked, these guys had grabbed everyone’s attention, people were getting involved, a rarity for a first support band to receive nowadays. They played a mix of old and new, ‘Some Girls Don’t Know What’s Good’ particularly stood out. This is classic rock at its finest, and my god they do it well. Full of energy, catchy riffs, and not a note was off key. I have never, ever, heard a cheer for a support band as big as I heard the cheer for Gentleman’s Pistols when they finished playing, definitely one to check out again.

Black Spiders waltzed on stage and do what they do best. They had everyone’s attention, everyone knew when to shout out and join in. The energy on stage was absolutely mental, especially from drummer Tiger Si, he knew how to work the crowd even with obstacles in his way! Lead singer Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby ran round the stage when he could, climbing on top of the speaker stacks and making this an ace show for everyone. Half way through their set they had the entire audience with their middle fingers in the air, shouting ‘‘FUCK YOU BLACK SPIDERS!!’’, apparently a regular occurance at their gigs. Top performance, as always from these guys. I love their classic style, and really, who can argue with the phrase, ‘Eat Thunder, Shit Lightning’?

Photo Of Karma To Burn © Copyright Karlie MKarma To Burn came to the stage and the atmosphere became more subdued. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are very talented musicians, and they’re great to listen to at home, but I really couldn’t help but feel that they seemed incomplete without a vocalist. It was difficult to distinguish between songs, and really hard to make a connection with any of the band members, there was no trace of a microphone on stage so even in between songs there was no verbal contact with the crowd. The movement of the room slowed down, and it really appeared that people didn’t know how to rock out to their music. I really can’t fault their set, their music is first class, their sound was incredible, and they deserve credit for their compositions; but as a live performance goes, there really was something missing for me.

Karma To Burn – 2.5/5
Black Spiders – 4/5
Gentleman’s Pistols – 4/5

Review By Karlie M

 Karma To Burn

William Mecum
Rich Mullins
Rob Oswald

 Black Spiders

Pete 'Spider' Spiby
Andy 'Ozzy' Lister
Mark 'The Dark Shark' Thomas
'Tiger' Si Atkinson
Adam 'The Fox' Irwin

 Gentlemans Pistols

James Atkinson
Douglas McLaughlan
Bill Stee
Stuart Dobbins

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