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Plus 586
Southend Chinnerys
8th October 2007

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Chinnerys in Southend is a venue that I have heard a lot about in the past and is a venue where some really big named bands have played such as Pearl Jam, Thunder, Stereophonics and many other bands when they first started out. The venue itself is quite a small room with pillers coming down from the ceiling that are positioned quite well so they don’t get in your way whilst you are watching the bands, the stage is directly in front of you from when you walk in the room and the bar is situated to the back of the room, you can clearly tell that the venue has recently been through a re-fit as everything looks quite new and exciting, but unfortunately there was only about 50 people maximum in the crowd throughout the whole show.

We got to the venue just as the main support band, 586 were setting up, the band are a 5 piece electro indie band from London and are made up of three males and two females with guitarist Steve Horry and percussionist Deborah Coughlin sharing lead vocals. When the band opened up, the sound was terrible and everything sounding all over the place like a band who had turned up too late to sound check and had a work experience sound guy, but luckily a couple of songs in the sound got sorted out and 586 became a really enjoyable band and the highlight was the bands new song 'Dancing On Graves' which sounded like it would fit in perfectly on the soundtrack to Tim Burton's Corpse Bride animation movie. 586 finished with 'I’m Not A Monkey', which is a punky sounding “shout a long” song that could easily get the most boring people jumping and shouting along. I am really looking forward to hearing more of 586 as they have such a random yet happy party sound and Steve Horry and Deborah Coughlin's double act on vocals really needs to be experienced as it really keeps the bands sound fresh and fun.

After a 20 minute break to set up the stage, the Sohodolls took to the stage and the extremely small crowd that was in Chinnerys tonight moved a bit closer to the stage but still stood in one of them awkward semi circle's slightly away from the stage not moving any closer unless someone else did. The band were set up nicely and all looked the part with 'Weston Doll' on the left hand side of the stage dressed in a red shirt with a black waist coat playing the keyboards, looking like the long lost sixth member of Southend rock band the horrors. Next to Weston Doll was Matt Lord who was dressed in a black shirt with some red braces and a matching red tie on and to be fair he was totally running the show and taking up the small stage with his huge double bass. Next to Matt was Maya Von Doll who was dressed in black shorts and a white blouse looking every part the lead singer that she is. To the side of Maya was guitarist Toni Sailor who was dressed up in black trousers a white shirt and a hat you would expect any member from a sleazy rock band to wear. To the back of the stage was drummer Paul Stone dressed in black and quite out of site being dwarfed behind Matt's double bass.

The band kicked straight into their first song 'Trash The Rental' and it sounded exactly the same as it does from the bands debut album 'Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation' which was quite impressive as some bands can’t pull off the same sound live as they do on cd but luckily for the Sohodolls they aren’t one of those bands. The band played through the majority of their 'Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation' album.

When the Sohodolls played 'I'm Not Cool' it reminded me of The Vincent Black Shadows as the song has the same style cabaret sound and is a really upbeat catchy song that even got the small crowd at Chinnerys tonight moving. 'Prince Harry' was another outstanding performance and is quite a fan favourite song with its quirky electro beats and upbeat vocals. The highlight for me was when the band played 'Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang' as it is one of the best songs on their album and it sounding so good live and the whole band put maximum energy in especially Maya who was all over the stage even dropping to the floor in places.

When the band finished with 'Stripper' and left the stage straight after I was pretty sure they would take to the stage again to play another couple of songs but it never happened and the show was officially over.

Overall it was a good show, the main disappointments were that the venue is quite small and the lack of people at the show really didn’t help especially with the crowd being the least motivated crowd I have seen in some time, the other disappointment was that the Sohodolls only played for about 45minutes which wasn’t long enough in my opinion but the band did make up for the lack of time on stage by playing a totally stunning set that was full of energy and style.

Review By Trigger


Maya von Doll (Vocalsl)
Toni Sailor (Guitarist)
Weston Doll ( Keyboardist)
Matt (Bassist)
Paul (Drummer)

Samantha Christie (Bass)
Deborah Coughlin (Vocals, Synth, Violin, Melodica, Percussion)
Simon Dempsey (Second Guitar, Percussion, Synth)
Steve Horry (Vocals, Guitar, Programming)
Grant Purser (Drums, Percussion)
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