Gig Review

Dead Letter Circus
Lights And Clockwork, Neotropics
Bristol, Academy
29th June 2011
Dead Letter Circus         Lights And Clockwork       Neotropics
Neotropics began the evening with a very Pacebo-esque sound, had you have shut your eyes, lead singer Bryn could have been Brian Molko himself. They interacted with the crowd and really tried to use their moment to gain new fans. Neotropics are young, and although it’s no reflection on age I couldn’t help but think that they would be a slightly better band with a bit more practise, a few more gigs under their belt and generally becoming tighter as a unit.

Lights and Clockwork were very easy on the ear, very classic with their rock style, and very accessible. Vocalist Isaac had an incredible voice, full of passion and soul; it really enhanced their style and performance. It seemed that these guys would work well playing a festival stage; they had an air of sunshine about them, perfect for watching in a field, with a warm cider and your wellies on. Bassist Harry wore no shoes on stage after all. Their solos integrated really well into their songs, they were not over exaggerated and they slipped back into their tracks effortlessly.

Dead Letter Circus came on stage and also brought more of a crowd with them. They really seemed to be this generation’s Incubus, which isn’t a bad thing at all in my eyes. They were energetic and crowd pleasing, you cannot ask for more from a live performance. They put their all into the gig, however it was slightly spoiled by the sound; the vocals were not loud enough, albeit not their fault, even when moving to different areas of the room it didn’t seem to improve. I really can’t hold DLC culpable, this is not the first time I have witnessed poor sounding vocals in this venue. There was a brilliant atmosphere in the room, there were many at the front of the stage singing along every word to nearly all the songs. Frontman Kim Benzie knew how to entertain, and he did it well. Definitely check out this Australian delight, just maybe not in o2 Academy2 . The way they’re going they won’t be playing small stages for much longer anyway.

Dead Letter Circus - 4/5
Lights and Clockwork - 4/5
Neotropics - 2.5/5

Review By Karlie M

 Dead Letter Circus

Kim Benzie
Luke Williams
Stewart Hill
Rob Maric

 Lights And Clockwork

Ashley Webb
Paul Broughton
Alex McLachlan



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