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Dead Letter Circus
Birmingham, Academy
2nd July 2011
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Photo Of Dead Letter Circus © Copyright Robert LawrenceDead Letter Circus are on first at a very strange time for a performance, midnight. They come onstage tonight at INK Nightclub to a very minimal crowd which I did not expect. It’s a very disappointing sight for me because of all the advertising and sponsorship of this club and after all that making this really promising; nobody turns up. Anyway they play they’re set regardless of the fact that the room is only about a quarter full and really give it their all and I’m really impressed! An alternative/progressive band from Australia; sounding like a cross between The Mars Volta and Muse with a little bit of Tool thrown in there too, their music is uplifting and seductive to a person’s interest and their stage show is exactly the same. They have loads of really psychedelic lighting and lasers adding to their really trippy ambiance, I think this helps draw this many people in because Dangerous didn’t get the same response. It’s a crying shame that this wasn’t a better opportunity for the band like I thought it was going to be but it seems nobody is interested in this club, hopefully next time they’ll be part of a package tour and will get a better crowd.

Photo Of Dead Letter Circus © Copyright Robert Lawrence Dangerous! have an even worse time in the smaller Academy 3; not everybody that was upstairs came downstairs to watch this band, not even close. I did a head count and only around 8 people were in this room for the duration of the set. It doesn’t stop the band trying to put on a show and have a good time; they try to get all 8 people dancing and jumping around but I feel when there’s so few people in a room everyone is a bit self conscious, nobody joins in at all. The band play a brand of explosive punk rock should encourage ridiculous antics and reactions from the audience but since it isn’t the band start diving over the barriers to try and get themselves involved hoping it’ll rub off. It’s a damn shame because if there were more people this would have been such a brilliant set and people would have talked about it for months to come, no matter what that band did tonight the empty room was always going to ruin it. What a damn shame.

Dead Letter Circus – 4/5
Dangerous! – 3/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence


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 Dead Letter Circus

Kim Benzie
Luke Williams
Stewart Hill
Rob Maric

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